working on a custom order...

and nearly done with it. I have been working on a custom order of 10 fitted diapers and 4 covers and a Diaperbag for a local customer and friend. So I have been neglecting the blog a bit. the diapers are done, and the covers mostly... they just need snaps. Then I'll get back to work on the bag. Plus, being it is for a friend, I want to add some extras to the order. It will keep me busy for the next week or so.

When that is done, I have lots more to work on.

I am proud to announce that on September 1st, Beeba Bottoms Diapers and Covers will be opening a new Hyena Cart! Closer to the opening, I'll Post a reminder, but on the HC only, from September 1st till September 7, you can save 10% with the code "NEWHC".

Once The custom is all done, I will be working on a nice stocking for our Grand Opening Sale. I hope to have some embroidered Pockets up, as well as some fitted diapers and covers, and even a few regular pockets. Keep an Eye out!


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