Beeba Bottoms @ Hyena Cart is OPEN!

Yay! I have been puting a lot of time and energy into making sure I had a good variety to stock for the big Grand Opening Sale, now all there is to do is wait! (and make more for the next stocking, of course) My plan is to stock on average every 2 weeks, but I'll stock more if stuff sells well, and less if it sits. (or maybe just one or 2 things every other week if it sits)

I added a Twitter Element on the side of the Blog. If I rememebr to update it, I will, every now and then... it seems almost like it would be a MINI blog, lol... so, a blog within a blog... oh well, I see them all the time... but I figure, I can update that with things that are not big enough for a whole post here, but that I think would be interesting to share... or when I am bored, lol.

Don't forget to check out the sale! I have 3 FFS Lottos up and an Auction for the cutest little embroidered Diaper Cover, Size Medium, with a teddy bear on it... perfect for boys or girls, and right now, it is only at $3.00! You have got to get in on this....


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