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Beeba Bottoms Top 100 Mommy and Baby Sites

Ok, there are a lot of these lists out on the web. I know that. but they do work. Using the idea of reciprocal links, you don't have to do anything to be on one of these lists but have a link to the list somewhere on your site, in a links page, or a banner rotator, or something similar. It is slightly more work to run one, I have found. As many of my new members have not been able to get a banner running, or have forgotten to change the size of the banner in the form they signed up with.

But, I think it has potential. The more people click into the list form your link, the higher on the list your banner moves, and the more people click to your page.

However, the one thing I do not like is the Google Ads on the list. So. Here is the deal. I will post a few permanent links in prominent spaces on the list. This will be limited in number, so as not to crowd out the free members. as in, 1 row of 125x125 buttons after the 3rd ranked link and 1 row at the top of page 2, and a few 468x60 banners interspersed bewteen other ranks, no more than 2 in any one place. Money from these ads will be used to cover the cost of getting rid of the google ads and into advertising the toplist, to get the ads we post more visibility.

If you are interested in having a permanent spot on the list, comment on this post with an email and I will contact you. I will delete the comments as I respond to them, so your email won't be hanging out for long. The cost of the Ads will be $2.50 for a three month period. As soon as I have enough to get rid of the google ads, I will, and after that, I will start using ad money to get the list ads elsewhere, to help all of its members get more business.

Permanent Ads will be on a first come, first served (and chosen) basis.

To have a permanent ad, you must: 1. have either a 125x125 or a 468x60 ad to use. 2. Be a family friendly site. My children are often on my lap, as are many others who will veiw this list.


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