Thread! Lots of Thread!

Yes, you heard me right. I got the thread I ordered for Embroidery yesterday. Here what it looked like when it came. Packed nicely in its box.

Actually, it wasn't packed quite so nicely as it looks... there was no rhyme or reason to how it was packed... no order at all, and no color card to say how to organize it. I had to do a search online to find one.

It took me nearly an hour to get them all straightened out.

But, I got them in order, by number, and here they are now. All pretty and organized in color families. Its like a pretty thread rainbow!

And, I still have more space to add more pretty variegated colors and metallics as needed.

Plus, three of the bottom spools are bobbin thread. When they run out, I think I will be getting some pre-filled bobbins, and I can use the pegs for MORE thread!

Boy, I sound thread crazy. But, You know what this means. Expect more embroidered Items in my shops in the very near future.


  • Anonymous

    I can't believe how organized you are. My thread is unraveling all over the place and gets caught on stuff create webs of disaster everywhere.

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