The End of July

It comes swiftly. The end of July means that The Key-chain Diaper Giveaway is swiftly coming to an end. And, the Giveaway I am sponsoring over at Handmade Showcase is also coming to an end. If you haven't entered these giveaways, do so now, before you lose your chance!

End of July also means the beginning of August. August is a busy month around here, with my Hubby's Birthday, and a friend of mine is due with her second child mid-august, too.

Of cousre, I am making her diaper stash, and as I try to get things done, would you like to guess what happened? NECK SPASMS! Have you ever had a muscle spasm? I am told they are often stress related... do you think it could be stress from a toddler, a newborn, and a business? well, whatever the reson, Ouch!

My Hubby is Home today, working, but from home. He is here so if I need him he can help. He'll go back to the office tommorrow. My neck is starting to feel better, and sooner than the doctore seemed to think it would. He said 2-3 days. I just do not allow it to hurt that long, I guess. Maybe the Doctor doesn't know Mommies too well, right?

I have not put in tons of pics lately... here is a good one of Beeba 1, when he was much smaller, and more innocent.


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