Busy last few days

We have been super crazy busy around here the past few days. despite my best intentions, the preschool curriculum has been left by the wayside till monday.

What have we been dong? Well, Friday was my Dear husband's 31st Birthday. So, I spent the day cleaning the house, as in, scrubbing the carpets even. Because yesterday, we were having a few friends over for a cookout, and I couldn't bear to have them see my floors as they were.

Then when he got home, we went out to dinner, and cake and ice cream at his grandparents. I was sadly dissapointed at being told that I must either cover the face of my 3 month old daughter, or leave the room if I needed to feed her. I should not have been surprised, this being the same people who wanted to take us to dinner, but only if I PROMISED not to nurse in Public.

I almost walked out of the house when I was told that I could not nurse at will. Instead, because it was my husband's birthday, and his family, I swallowed my pride and left the room, since I refuse to put a blankiet over her face.

later, despite it being his birthday, I made my husband help me with some more cleaning...

Then yesterday, we had the cookout. our neighbors came over, and some other friends, and we got to sit and watch the kids run all around the yard. It was a really fun day.

Today, we have another birthday party, for one ofr Beeba 1's friends.


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