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So, Beeba 1 is almost 2 and a half, and I have been thinking about trying to insert just a bit of structure into his education. He likes to sing and play with blocks and alphabet letters, and to color and draw, So being that those are all things preschoolers do, I figured I'd find a preschool curriculum for him.

Well, While I was thinking of that, one of the members of The Mom Pack (an online group of MOM Business women I belong to--- you can find their banner on any of my websites, including this one) came to the group asking for a few people to try her new preschool curriculum, in exchange for some exposure and some feedback. It was a match made in heaven. (which makes sense since her curriculum is christian based.

You can find her Curriculum at www.sonbeams.com

I figure, We'll try it, see how Beeba 1 responds, and blog about it, both to chart his progress (and give me accountability for teaching him) and to grant her some small bit of exposure.

Today we Started, week 1, Day 1. It really is meant to be Monday through Friday, but that's the beauty of homeschooling, you can do it whenever you want. I have a feeling we'll repeat the first day a couple of times, anyway...

Beeba 1 loved the idea of practicing the letter of the day on his chalkboard... but is as of yet unable to make a letter without mommy helping. Makes sense. I mostly let him just color, and when he asked me to help make the letter, I did.

We Introduced a scripture of the week, and a color, and a number, too. we did not get any further than that today, but that's OK. I think we did OK for a start.

The curriculum looks very interesting, though I need to read more of it still... it will be better for him when I have everything ready and don't need to check the paper between every activity.

and just for fun, I was playing with photoshop last night... here are a couple pics of Beeba 2... see which is your favorite. (hint, they are the same pic)

Have a happy day!


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