The Custom is Done!

Here it is! The talked about and maybe awaited Custom Order. Now I can work on Stocking the new HC.

My Hubby took a pic as I was finishing the Diaper Bag. He thought it would be cool to have. I think it would be cool to share. the work in Progress.

And then there are the Diapers. 10 small BBOriginal Fitteds, which will fit a baby as small as 7.5 pounds easily (with a minor bit of folding in the rise) and which still fit my approximately 12 pound baby.

And 4 Small Fattycakes Covers, Bound in FOE, and with a fourth set of snaps, so they should fit the new baby pretty much right away. Technically, Fattycakes are designed to be Ruffled edges, but my experience is that the FOE holds in messy runny poo better, if it gets through the diaper.

And I made her 18 wipes out of scraps, just as an extra. (this is a local friend, and not just a customer, so they are part of my gift to her for her new baby) they are random sized and shaped, like the ones I make for my own house. Some are knit/knit, some are velour/knit, uber soft and cushy, and some are terry/knit... great for messy messes.

Last is the bag itself. She chose this really pretty paisley quilters cotton for the lining,
and I used a panel of it on the front too. The bag is a Hot Mama Bag, like the ones I carry on my site. I added a pocket on the back (which you don't see) for papers and stuff, like the ones they always give you after doctors appointments, or at the hospital.

The bag easily fits all the diapers, and the covers, and the wipes aren't in there, but they fit too. the rolled thing is the changing pad, which is very generously sized. My 2 year old can stretch out on mine and only have his feet stick off.

So thats the Custom. It was a lot of work, but it is done, and now I can move on to other things. See you next time.


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