A New Hobby??

I sew, I knit, now, maybe I'll..... Spin?

That's right, I just bought my very first drop spindle. I can't wait for it to get here. I promise not to let it affect my shops... at least not at first, lol. Who knows, maybe somewhere down the line, it will be a new addition.

For now, Just a new hobby. One I can't wait to start. But wait... I still need fiber to spin. the Spindle I bought, from an Etsy shop, is supposed to come with "a generous handful" of fiber, to start learning with. But I am sure that wont last long.

So, I need to look for some fiber. What to try? Well, I am not all that knowledgeable about spinning, but I love wool, and have heard it is easy to learn on, so I bought a package of natural undyed roving too. I am thinking this way, I will be able to play... it was only $5 itself. (which I am guessing will mean not the best quality, but for a starter, I can't spend much)


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