Zorb... The next Best Diaper Fabric?

Probably not, but bot a terrible thing either. Marketed as "Super absorbent cloth", I got to try a bit this week for myself, Thanks to an acquaintance from an online group.

Overall, My feelings are that it is really no different from Microfibre. It will absorb, but it will also squish out fluid. You must have a fair amount of additional natural absorbancy to go with the Zorb, or you will just have a mess.

As far as the specifics, I made one diaper each for Beeba 1 and Beeba 2. Both are AI2 style, since if figured if the Zorb were a complete failure, I would have lost very little, it only being within the Soaker layers, and those not being attached to the diaper by more than snaps.

In Beeba 1's Diaper, a Large HHS, I started with a single soaker flap consisting of one layer Sherpa, 2 layers rib knit, and 1 layer Zorb. It worked, but not as well as I would have hoped. the Diaper leaked through after a little under 2 hours.

Later, I added a second flap consisting of 1 layer Sherpa, 1 layer Zorb, and a layer of Microchamois (for stay-dry). I was hoping for a trim night-worthy diaper.

I don't know if it will be night worthy, but it did prove Nap-worthy. So that is not too bad. It was super trim with only the first flap, but didn't last long. It is still pretty trim with the 2 flaps, and it holds well for AT LEAST enough time for regular day-time use. I should say, though, that Beeba 1 is nearing Potty training, and is also an average wetter, not heavy.

For Beeba 2, who is almost 4 months old, can you believe it?? seems like yesterday she was born!... anyway, for her, I used 2 flaps from the start. the bottoms flap consisting of 2 layers flannel, 1 Sherpa, and 1 Zorb, and the top of 4 layers flannel, 1 zorb, and 1 microchamois. She is a Heavy/Frequent wetter.

We tried hers on today, and it lasted less than an hour before either it was leaking through, or it might have been that her clothes were just wet from the rain. We'll try again later. Either way, though, the inside of the diaper was wet through, so I really don't think it would have lasted longer.


  • Anonymous

    You may not have designed your absorbent layers correctly. The layers closet to baby should always be the faster absorbers like microfiber or zorb, further back the slower absorbers like cotton.

    In our diaper service, we replaces 6 layers of flannel with 1 full body layer of zorb and 1 stitched in soaker sized strip. Microfiber pooled wetness in the lower part of the diaper, to stop leaks needed 4 layers which is way to bulky.

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