Sometimes Life gives you Lemons...

and I love lemons, lol. I never did understand that saying... as if Lemons were a bad thing.

So, good things instead.

1. I am getting a wheel. Yes, the very simple one I blogged about earlier. and no, not today... Next month.

2. I will actually have money left over to buy extra Bobbins for said wheel (which only comes with 2) and to buy FIBER!

I want: BFL... suposed to be awesome for spinning and wear great
Merino... Love the softness
Some superwash... cause I have family that will refuse to work with anything that felts.

3. Fiber Fest is tommorrow... perfect timing.

and 4. more directly related to business at this time, I will be a sponsor in The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt this november! Don't forget to sign up to search. (the sign ups are not quite open yet, but will be in too too super long.)

oh, and 5, back to spinning... I figured out how to make my spindles heavier.... (a good thing to be abel to do, especially for plying, I hear) I just add another wheel whorl! and voila, instead of .7 ounce spindle, 1.2 ounce spindle!


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