I've been Distracted

Hello. Sorry I haven't posted in a little while.... I've been a little distracted. The weather is getting cooler here, and we are getting busier. Despite now being a one car family, which in itself is not a horrendouse thing, we have been running around what seems like an awful lot.

Beeba 2 is being baptized later this month... and for that, we have family coming from out of state. of course, most of that family will be staying with us. so not only do we need to neaten/re-organize/clean our downstairs of our house for the day of the baptism, we need to do something with upstairs, to alleviate the clutter there.

And with the cold weather comes cold drafts through our old windows, and the need to turn on the heat. Of course, knowing what heat cost us last winter, we have been afraid to turn it on, lol. But... it had to be done. We spent the day yesterday putting plastic on the windows upstairs. we got 2 rooms done, (5 windows) and have 5 windows left upstairs to do. my hubby put better insulation on our back door, but didn't account for it taking so much, so he needs to get more for the front door. and we are debating putting plastic up, as much as it would be ugly, on the windows and doors downstairs too. cause if it could save us on our heating bills this winter, it would be worth it. we may postpone that till after the baptism and party, though.

Both the Beebas are growing. Beeba 1 finally calls his sister by her name, instead of simply "baby"... and Beeba 2 sits up on her own now... for about 30 seconds to a minute at a time. She loves to make lots of fun sounds now, too. And Beeba 1 is finally trying a little harder with his potty learning, so maybe we'll have just one in diapers soon? Its about time, he's 2 and a half... most of his friends, some 6+ months younger, are fully out of diapers now.... even nights for several.

Meantime, I am getting more busy for business too. I have an order to fill of 15 diapers and 6 covers... and possibly another order of embroidery too. not sure on that one. its a good thing, though I'll be super busy for a while. (no spinning for me for the next few days, lol) Those orders will fund our trip to see my dad for Thanksgiving.

And, the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt is coming up. As you know, Beeba Bottoms is sponsoring this year... so I hope it all goes great!


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