The Hunt is on; I've been spinning!

Well, The great Cloth Diaper Hunt is going on, all this month, and as a sponsor, Beeba Bottoms has been busy. We've had lots of traffic, and are hoping to get some great sales. In preparation for the hunt, we lined up some new items. (You gotta love having a crafty family)

From the Beebas' Grandma herself, Designs by GinaL, a line of hand-crafted and one of a kind jewelry, made from high quality glass and crystal beads, a few beads she designed and made herself, and a lot of creativity. These pieces are highly original, and very beautiful. They make great gifts, and she will do special orders on request, as well.

From the Beebas' Aunty, Inspirationals by Chrissy. Chrissy is a highly spiritual person who makes these plaques with faith and love. Bringing one of these plaques into your home is sure to be nothing less than a blessing.

Of course, we'll always have the Diapers end of Beeba Bottoms. However, due to a very large custom order, Instock items are a bit slow right now. Expect more coming soon. Of course, custom orders are always available through the site, and soon, I hope to have more of my embroidery designs online for you to choose from. (I have thousands, and the small library I have been able to publish does not do them justice)


On another end of things, the personal front, in my rare spare time, I have been spinning away. I just got a spinning wheel, and loving it!

I got my wheel from Heavenly Handspinning , and it will be a purchase I will never regret. The Owner of the shop, Jan, is great to work with, and the wheel is a great little wheel. It cost under $200, plus the shipping, and it is a very simple looking, but pretty as well, wheel.

I started spinning as soon as I could... (I had to work on that big order of diapers first) and boy, was there a learning curve. But... I was able that first night to produce a nice little bit of yarn.

Oops! Dr. Who is on! Our late night Saturday obsession. Gotta sign off!


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