Thanksgiving travels; GCDH Drawing; Happy Holidays

Well, Thanksgiving is done. My family and I traveled 12 hours each way down to NC to visit My dad and sisters. We had lots of fun, and did an early Christmas celebration with them too. The Beebas both got entirely spoiled, and really, so did my husband and I...

Beeba 1 is happily driving me crazy today with his new Drum set... Beeba 2 is just so worn out she is sleeping all morning in my lap... and the car was so loaded, that all of us but my husband the driver had things on our laps... even the almost 7month old Beeba 2.

I of course had the diaperbag, and all the trip snacks all over my lap. Beeba 1 had jackets and coats on his feet, which he hated... it frustrated him more than anything that he could not kick all around.

Evan little Beeba 2... she had her brand new and very first dolly on her lap, along with 2 teddy bears, 2 blankets, and who knows what other little toys. Between them sat the large box of Beeba 1's new Drum set... so they could not see each other, and with the piles in the car, I could barely see either one of them if I tried.

I heard the line "well, what do you want to do about it?" a lot when I worried about the over-packed situation.

In the meantime, I got a new cell phone, as an ongoing birthday/Christmas present, and as such will be changing my contact info for the web-shops to reflect that change.

On the business end of things, The 2008 Great Cloth Diaper Hunt has come to a close. I hope everyone has enjoyed the hunt. For those who have entered into our mini hunt drawing, I will be drawing a winner as soon as we finish getting settled back home. Meaning, it will be this week, but give me a few days. I will notify the winner through email as well as here on the blog by Saturday afternoon.

Happy holidays to all. Watch in the near future for more great sales and promotions from Beeba Bottoms!


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