Happy Holidays!

The Holidays are here, and everywhere we find christmas music, glitter, mistletoe, and garlands. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanuckah, Kwanzaa, or some otherr holiday I apologize for not knowing of, it is a time for celebration, laughing children, and often frustrated parents.

New Toys abound in our house, due to our Thanksgiving trip to NC, where we celebrated christmas early with family who won't be here next week. This afternoon, the smell of baking cookies will rise in my house, and Saturday, we celebrate christmas again with DH's Brother and his family. Then the smells of turkey and stuffing will be wafting around my kitchen.

My Birthday is next week too. I will be 27... and as my DH reminded me, I am older than he was when we met, I must be getting old... I feel it, too... but in a good way. We have a lot to be glad for this holiday season. We have 2 beautiful healthy children, we own our home, DH has a good steady job when many do not, and while we cannot always buy everything we want when we want it, we do have everything we need.

This year, We tried to buy toys for the kids that encourage imagination... not that they need the encouragement... Beeba 1 loves trains, and in his mind, anything can become one. He will look at rain on a window and find a train, or at the clouds. Beeba 2 is growing fast, and can get into anything she tries for, with little effort. She is trying to pull up to a stand now, too, and sometimes succeeds.

So, to my friends, family, customers, and readers, I wish you a Happy Holiday, whichever you celebrate!


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