New Things coming

Life moves on, and I have to apologize to anyone who might have been following my Blog. I haven't been posting very often at all lately. I have been just very busy.

Diapers, Diaper bags, training Pants, all these have been taking up my time. Beeba 1 is trying to Potty Learn, and in an attempt to keep his pants dry and my life a little less insane, I went on a hunt for the perfect training pant. After trying several patterns, I found it. Little Comet Tails Stellar Transitions fits like a trim underwear, has a nice stretch to it where needed, has waterproof panel where it is most needed, and best yet has options for snapping or pull up only.

I am happy to say that these great trainers will be Coming soon to Beeba Bottoms Shops.

The Beebas are growing fast. Beeba 1 will be 3 in just a matter of Weeks, in Early April. Amazing to think that just under 3 years ago, I still thought pregnancy was the most tired I could be, lol. I know better. Toddler years will tire any mommy out faster than a pregnancy anyday. And my little Beeba 2 is cruising, almost walking! She is faster than her big brother was even. I guess she had a good tutor.

I've been spinning a lot too. And I have entered the world of Dyeing. Pics will have to come later, but I can say unequivocally, Its a fun pursuit.

For now, till later, Fare well.


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