New Format, New Outlook

You might have noticed yesterday's Title Change here on the Blog. This morning, I decided that with that, it was time for a new format. From now on, there will be no Ads on this Blog. There will be no links to top lists, and the only shops that will be permalinked are my own shops, in their customary same space on the right side of the page.

I May still post links to shops if they have particularly impressed me with their product, customer service, etc, but within blog posts only, and in context.

Blogging has been a new Journey for me, and I am first to say I am still learning the ropes of it. I am not always able to update the Blog as often as I like. For that reason, Instead of my stagnant "whats new" section at the top of the page, which never seems to change, I have moved my Twitter updates to the top. While still not always everyday, I am much more prolific with my tweets than I am with regular posts.

Whats new is still here, but instead of being the first thing you see, it has a new home under the About me section on the right. You will be able to find occasional sales and promotions there.

I am also hoping to document my process more, over all. Daily life and business ventures. We are waiting for our new computer to be finished and delivered, and when that happens, within a week from now, I pray (we paid for it nearly 3 weeks ago with the expectation of having it that week) that I will be able to be more prolific again. Sadly, my little laptop just does not run nearly as quickly as it used to.

The Husband would suggest that this is because I have too many programs loaded in it. I agree. This laptop was never meant to handle Photoshop, or running a small business on it. It oes not handle graphics at all, and never has. The new computer will solve that problem, with 8 GB Ram, a brand new 512MB non-integrated Graphics card, 500Gb Hard Drive, and a brand new 22 inch widescreen monitor.

ou know, the only thing I am not sure of? Will I need to buy a seperate keyboard for the new computer. Sadly, that is the only thing that was not mentioned. That and is the monitor the model with speakers built in or without.

I am also realizing that my photography skills, while not always the best, are also not the worst either. However, my camera leaves something to be desired. The next technical tool I want therefore, is a digital SLR camera or at least a camera with a much better Macro setting. Because really, my little Casio camera, which I do love for its size and ease of use, was bought for snapshots of the kids, not art photos or product images. Unfortuanately, DSLRs cost money. So unless someone has a lonely unloved DSLR sitting around to give me, it will be quite a while before I can get one. And I don't dare buy a new camera just for Macro setting, unless it was very inexpensive.

Till tommorrow, when I don't know what I'll do next, Fare well Readers.


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