Oh Happy Day...

In the scheme of things, a new computer doesn't always seem like much. Unless you have been trying to justify the buying of it for over a year. and unless you finally chose and paid for it over 3 weeks past. and unless when you finally got it, it got its drivers confused and chose not to function (really, this did happen. We took it back to the guy who built it for us, as it turned out, the computer was looking for HIS mouse and keyboard, and decided not to recognize ours)

But, all is well today. The new computer is up and functioning. And I can tell you, I never realized just how slow my old computer was until I started to use this new one. Everything runs faster. From Word to Photoshop to my embroidery software, it all flies. (and even DH's games which he insists must be on the computer, lol... he's been waiting to play Neverwinter Nights 2 for literally years, but the old computers could not handle it.)

So now, instead of first waiting 5 minutes for the programs to load, only being able to load one file at a time and praying it will function properly, and just grimacing praying that the computer would stay turned on long enough to save (yup, it had the mysterious problem of random shut downs, lol), I can switch on the programs in a few seconds, load multiple images at a time to choose the best of them, and not worry about losing work. I am blessed in having this new computer to work at. Hurrah!


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