Poor Sick baby here

Which means no great posting today. Sorry folks. Please wish my Beeba 2 some feel better fast vibes, as I know she hates having the yuckies as much as I hate her having them.



  • smariek

    It's never fun when they are sick. Sending (((getwell))) vibes your way.

  • LittleSpots

    Oh no, poor little button. I hope baby is better soon!

  • Anonymous

    hey there, long time no talk. we just went through the sickness last week, sanya had a fever ALL week long thankfully not getting up much over 103. the lil booger though would not take anything to get her temp down so we did alot of baths and cool compresses. I hope the baby starts feelin better soon. call me sometime, i keep meanin to call ya and then forget.lol

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