The Indie Dyers Cooperative is a success!

We had a great Grand Opening Day yesterday, with over 70 people in our shop at one point!

Lots of Items were sold by our members, but don't worry, there is still more to grab. Don't wait too long though, because you never know when that perfect yarn or gorgeous fiber will sell out to someone else.

There are still a few FFS (that's Free for Shipping, so a great deal) Lotteries up, so don't miss your chance at those either.

Also, I am taking suggestions for colors you'd like to see in Rovings, Rolags, and Yarns. No purchase necessary to just give an opinion. My plan is to spend some time this weekend dyeing, so feel free to share your ideas! If I use your color choice, I'll credit you in the listing!

Oh, and on a side note, though we all wound up feeling ill (we caught what the baby had), we are also all feeling much better now, so I'd like to thank everyone for their thoughts.



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