Too many Crafties!

So really, I should be finishing things up here, right? I should definitely NOT be starting new projects.

But What do I do... I go ahead and start new projects.

Today, I cast on for the Blue Jeans Lace Leaf Shawl. I have not finished my basket, and I have lots of yarn to spin. I need to dye more fiber in the next few weeks, I'd like to have a whole bunch of nice variety done up to stock in my next stocking on the Indie Dyers Coop.

And, I just got my Batts that I bought from Berritt of The Good Sheep, who is another member of the Coop. (I really have to say, they look just Yum! She called them Pink Chocolate and they look good enough to eat!)

Oh, and did I mention, that my new LADYBUG spinning wheel is en route? well, it is en route to my dealer, and from there it will come to me, but really... yay!!!

Plus then there is a little matter of a spinning swap I am participating in. My partner (the sender) will send fiber to me (the spinner) to spin up. half the fiber goes back to her as yarn, the rest is for me to keep. My impression is that most people will be doing 4-8 ounce batches. My partner and I agreed to do 12-16 ounces for each of us (because really, what spinner can turn down more Fiber??) its more craftiness for me to do, but fun fun...

Oh, and My monkey socks... they have progress, but they are still not done. that will take time. And sadly for them, they are not the highest priority right now. Then again, neither is my lace shawl, and I was silly enough to cast that on...

Oh well... the nice part about the shawl (aside from how pretty it is) is that the cast on is 3 stitches. I only have about 7 rows in, with 11 or so stitches at this point. yeah, I know, not much of a cast on. but, I only got a few minutes to spend on it. And, it took almost an hour just to wind the yarn into a ball!

Ok, I have my crafty projects lined up... now lets see how I do.



  • bluemtnBeth

    Wow Theresa! You've got alot going on too!!! Moms must be multitaskers by nature. I wish I could set aside 1 day a week to do just what I wanted to do and not have to deal with kids, husband, family, house, etc. I think I would get alot done........or maybe take a really long nap ;) Definitely take pictures of that Ladybug when you get it!!! I wanna see it!! I love Ethel (my Ashford Traditional) but I dream of having a Joy....it's slightly below the drum carder on my wish list :) You have a great weekend!

  • Henya

    Sounds to me like you are affected by statitis too. I am blaming mine on the Spring.

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