The Life of a mom.

Heh... this morning we went to a local free play-center to meet some friends. Beeba 1 was excited, but being 2 yrs old, had to be ornery anyway. He fought with everything from getting a shirt on to getting out the door. On the positive side, he did help pick a nice clean diaper for his baby sister, and gave her a kiss.

Our friends include Beeba 1's Best friend, 2 weeks younger than him, her mom (my best friend locally) and 3 other children she babysits. we had fun, and Beeba 1 was most happy stealing all the "CHOO CHOO TREAN!"s from the other kids. He is obsessed with trains.

We got to go shopping today too. Since we bought my Embroidery machine 2 fridays ago, we have been living VERY frugally. But, the hope is that the machine will bring extra income into the house. so, when we had the money available, and the local Husqvarna dealership was running a Closing the business sale, we grabbed it. I paid about half its value. It was worth it, and though we may have eaten an awful lot of spaghetti in the last week, and we ran out of milk yesterday, it will be worth it in the long run, and we did not starve, by any means. (we saved the last cup of milk for Beeba 1 this morning)

And now, we have milk, and juice, and all sorts of food in the house again. We are still going to be living frugally for the next few weeks, because this is the mortgage paycheck, where the bulk of the money coming in goes straight out again. But we always manage to survive. Eventually I'll get some sales in my shop, and that will help, but for now... we survive.

I am ordering more supplies, too. Don't worry, they don't come out of this paycheck... I'm not that dumb. But I do know that if I don't have the materials available to make diapers, that would be no good. so, I ordered lots of nice Cuddledry microfleece, and some more PUL, and some FOE.... lots of yummy colors, too. I am dying to embroider on some pretty ocean or chocolate brown PUL... the embroideries I have seen on those colors have been to die for. But that has to wait until next month, when I get my Card reader forthe embroidery machine. Apparently my brother agrees that embroidery is a good way for my business to grow, since he decided that he will buy it for me with some of his military sign up bonus. Yay! He is gonna buy me some thread too, so by August, you can expect to see embroidered Diapers available for sale in my shop, and Custom slots available through my website. I can't wait.

hmm.... haven't got any pics up yet today, huh? Howabout a cute pic from last summer? Beeba 1 Loved SpiderMan last summer, so I made him a Spidey Diaper... It had no closures, since that was before I got my snap press, and I was tired of Hook and loop at that time... I just closed it with Pins... I always did mean to put snaps on, but got distracted, and then he out-grew it... go figure. Excuse the bad pictures... I never planned for these to be shared, so I didn't bother making them nice.


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