Girls Day Out

So today, I took Beeba 2 up to Ithaca with a friend and her daughter. We had a great time. We visited this cute shop called Mama Goose, which is a kind of a children's consignment store/natural children's stuff store. They have a whole section of cloth diapers, which is really awesome, as they are to my knowledge the only local store (semi local, since they are about an hour from me, lol) . They had Mother-ease diapers, and some bamboo ones, and hemp ones... and lots of prefolds and flats. I have to say, I was kind of surprised at the brand-name diapers.... I thought they would be better or something, since all I really have experience with is WAHM diapers, like mine... but... they were no better than mine or any other WAHM diaper I have seen. and not nearly as cute.

What I thought was really cool was that they also were carying a local WAHM's work... in fact, several, throughout the store... but for the diapers in particular, it was awesome that I know the mama from the Diaper Sewing Divas Forum, which we are both members of.

Anyway, since I make my own diapers, I just bought a pack of Flats (for research, lol... then I can say I have tried every type of cloth diaper.) and a baby gate and we left.

We walked the Commons, too, and checked out lots of other stores, and I really have to say, I like Ithaca. Its a cool town. Now, if the day had only been just a little cooler, lol.

We found a little Yarn and Fabric store too. That was an awesome find. I have a limited budget right now, or I could have gone wile in there. There were some really cool knit prints. I did buy a few. Pics tommorrow.

We made a stop at GreenStar, too. its a natural CoOp market. Practically everything in there is organic, and I swear, if I could afford it, I would shop there for everything. alas, we have essentially the same budget as we had two years ago, and two more kids, lol. Our budget does not allow for purely organic shopping.

There's a Thunderstorm heading our way, so I'd better log off, I'm tired anyway. sad part of that is in a thunderstorm I don't dare have the sewing machines on either, with them being so expensive and our house being a prime target for lightening (we got hit last summer) I can't afford to risk them.


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