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OK, where was I? Oh yes... I had just gotten my website redone. Of course, by this time, I was pretty pregnant. I was bogged down with all custom orders, and had no time to stock my storefront. And my own Beeba 1 had outgrown all his diapers, and was wearing them like bikinis. Beeba 2, who I was pregnant with, had a few diapers gifted to her, but not nearly enough for a newborn stash, and I was running out of time. I made a decision. I knew my customers would be unhappy, but I also knew I had to put my own children first sometimes, and I knew that the last month or so of pregnancy, and the first month or so with a new baby, were going to be tough. So, I finished my customs orders, and let my customers know that there would be no more customs for a while. I would still try to stock int he storefront when I could, but I could not do the custom orders for dozens of diapers and get my own kids set up with new stashes too.

Over the last month or so of my pregnancy, I sewed new diapers for Beeba 1 (who is 2) and LOTS for Beeba 2 (now 6 weeks old). During that time, I managed to get myself approved to make for sale from the Fattycakes pattern of diapers, which I very much like. Unlike my own front closing pattern, Fattycakes is a side closing diaper. It is best made with snaps, and fits on a wide range of kids.

I also made up a design for a wipes case, which is coming soon to both my shops. I embellished mine with a decorative border I was able to do on my new Sewing machine, which I bought when my mother's old machine started stitching funny.

I also have invested in an embroidery machine in the last 2 weeks. Now we are broke till I sell some stock... hehe... but it is an investment. We have eaten spaghetti more in the last 2 weeks than in the last 2 months, but it will pay off in the end. I can't do much with it now, I need the Card Reader/Writer so I can take designs from the internet. But that will come. I am getting that piece of vital hardware in July, at the behest of my brother, who has decided that part of his bonus for joining the military should be invested in his nephew and niece's futures. Its all very cool of him.

I got my etsy just recently too... my first thought was that it could promote my main site... but I think it will more likely be as a sister site, rather than a promotional tool... either way, on either site, I will make money from the sales. But customs will continue to be through my main site, as I can control them better that way.

That takes us up to today. Beeba 1 is playing with his toys in the front room, Beeba 2 is yelling out her frustration that I put her down for a minute. (she was in my arms most of the time I was typing, of course, nursing more than not. She is an avid nurser.) I have cuts of PUL and seudecloth sitting in a heap near me, waiting for the kids to nap so they can become pocket diapers and covers. I have flannels and knits begging to become Fitted Diapers. I have ordered Cotton velour, and Microfleece, to become soft cozy inners for diapers.

I have PUL waiting to be embroidered too, but that will have to wait till I get my hardware. I'll write about that more later.

And I have Fluffy mail waiting to get sent off on its way. I participated in a "diaper shower" through an online community I am part of. Here is What I am sending:

There are 3 diapers there. one in my pattern with a snap-in soaker. Thats the little blue one. One in the Fattycakes Pattern, a pocket or cover, made from the cutest fleece remnant ever with a seudecloth inner. And finally, a pink Hippy Hippy Snap, which is a pattern I'm not YET licensed for. it is a hip-snapping diaper, which i also like a lot.

Then theres the other big news around here: Business Materials. I got business labels in recently, and with that, decided to bring the face of my website forward into my business cards and informational pamphlets. Now, I look all professional. The best part of that all is that While my web designer made my original banner, I was able to edit it to fit and create the rest of my business materials from it. I'm kind of proud of myself.

Next topic for the blog will be: Diaper Laundry, how easy it can be.


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