The Aftermath...

... Of not so spring Cleaning, that is... heh... When my husband realized he had yesterday off, he decided this weekend would be a "do things around the house" day. Worked out for me... I feel like I got a whole new Sewing room, all over again.

I had been talking about putting a bookshelf in the under-utilized corner. Before, we had a secretary's desk there, but it just didn't have any point in this room. Unfortunately, as pretty as it was, it kept being used only as a small inefficient catch-all.

So he cleaned up the desk, and brought it out into the living room. I finally hung sheers up under our curtains, which makes the room feel much nicer, and worked on re-organizing my storage spaces.

He brought down the bookshelf, and this morning I went to Walmart and got a couple clear boxes with lids, which fit perfectly, 2 per shelf... I'll have to get more later for the rest of the shelves. I also found an Ironing board for $10! I had a small counter top board, but was always frustrated with it, because it was always too small.

but I found I also got shelves for behind my sewing machine.th I couldn't find the wire cubes I was thinking of...these little shelves that fit there, and they were actually half the price! I am satisfied... and I discovered that by moving my desk lamp up to the top of the shelves, I get lots more light, and don't need to have the overhead on nearly as often.

I cleared the top of my storage dresser, and found homes for everything that was there. That was a lot of work... I didn't realize how much stuff there was!

The desktop computer area is still a mess, but that is more of my husband's space, rather than mine... so I'll let him handle it. Now if only I didn't have to go over there and use the printer and my thumb drive every time I want to upload pictures!

So that's what we did yesterday. Today, I put up the shelves behind my sewing machine, and am working on an order. Its almost done, needs snaps, a last piece of elastic, and the backs serged up for each diaper... that won't take too long.

Meantime, don't forget, Until tomorrow, you can still save 10% off your orders with the code 4th at checkout!


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