There was Heavy construction going on in my backyard today. My husband decided last weekend that this was the right time to re-roof our garage. Well, they have been working since yesterday. There were no less than 4 layers of rotting roofing on this thing. heh. What you are seeing in this first pic is what was salvageable of the original roof decking. Not much.

My husband would like you to think that he was the one up there doing all the work. Nope... he's the one standing down below, wishing that when I had the camera out, he was on the roof, lol. He isn't really much of a handyman... he tries, and gets the job done eventually, but if these guys weren't here, this would have waited several more years, till the roof caved in.

We tried to stay out of the way most of the day, but it was hot today, and with no air conditioning, outside with breeze, bubbles, and squirt guns was the place to be. Beeba 1 was having a ball, running around in a diaper and t-shirt, collecting and hoarding the squirt guns. After we had emptied them all over each other. Or rather, I emptied them on him and his daddy, lol... He still hasn't quite figured out how to squeeze the triggers.

I got to the fabric store last night. 2 full hours kid free! and the best part of all, I came home with my arms full. These are all knits you'll see soon in one or both of my shops. super cute! I can't even figure out which is my favorite.

So tomorrow, work continues on the garage, and I spend another weekend day hubbie free and kid-full... oh well. the sad part is that I really want to go to church, but I really can't handle both kids alone there... so far, we have had to take Beeba 1 out at least once every week. And my husband will be out working on the roof again first thing in the morning.


  • Tiffany @ As For My House

    Church is tough with kids. When mine were really tiny, they'd just nurse and sleep through, and it was delightful. But now ds is 4 months (and I remember going through this with dd), and he's just not ever quiet that long - for one reason or another. I'm not a "leave 'em in Nursery even if they cry" kind of mama, so I've been staying home some lately, too... :(

  • NewYorkerAtHeart

    I am new to cloth diapers. It can be so overwhelming, but I think I'm finally getting it. I hope I win the little key chain. It is so cute! Great idea!

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