Dream Knitting Bag

On Ravelry, there is a challenge going. The Challenge is to choose your dream knitting bag, and fill it with all the accessories you'd love to have. it is just a fantasy challenge, so you don't need to actually buy anything, just think it up.

So, Searching, I found this:

Namaste notions case

Which is a Namaste Cali Collection Buddy Notions Case, and retails for $15. I really like the idea of it, and I really love the Pink. The inside walls are magnetized, allowing metallic objects to stay nice and neat inside, and it has an interior divider (removable), to keep things that move separate from the smaller stuff.

I also have a small round felt case that nicely holds the cords and tips for my knitpicks options needles. In my dream knitting bag, it would still be there. it just serves its purpose too well to not keep it.

Felt needle case

Of course, all knitters need a good pair of scissors:


And some Yarn Needles, a tape measure, and at least one small cable needle. I like to keep a small crochet hook in my knitting bag too.

I also have been looking at the Debra's Garden Gauge Pendants for quite a while. I love how cute and little and round they are, and I think they'd work as a cool Diz, too, for fiber stuff. I have been wanting a new needle gauge for a while, but keep holding off, and this is the one I really want. probably in any color, but I think I like the red, teal, or lavendar best.

cool needle gauge

Of course, for me, there is no question that the needles in my knitting bag would all be knitpicks nickel plated Options set. Ideally, I'd have the full set, and have a small arrangement in my knitting bag. in reality, I have a small arrangement, and they are always in my knitting bag.

Of course, stitch markers should be in every knitter's bag. I make my own, and have been given quite a few, but I still found recently I needed to buy a small pack of the cheap plastic ring ones, for some fine lace knitting. The little box they came in is the right size to hold other nicer stitch markers, and I think that would be included in my list of contents.

I don't do Row counters for the most part. I might include, though, some row markers with the stitch markers.

For the bag itself... well, My readers will have seen already my new purse? I think it is already my dream knitting bag, for smaller projects. I can fit 2 small projects in it at once, still leaving space for a diaper (for my Beeba 2), my wallet, and other personal items.

Jenny bag as Knitting bag


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  • lizzzknits

    I saw once the gauge pendants in sterling silver and had to sit on my hands to keep from buying it! Are you having a fun time spinning on the wheel? It is so relaxing...

  • Ria

    Hey! saw you on the ravelry blog comment train. I have yet(after 5 years of doing this) figured out what I want in my bag - too much stuff = heavy bag, light bag = there is something I want and don't have. sigh

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