Daily Changes...

... And I'm not done. I'm still not happy with the nav Bar, still trying to tweak that into submission... But I like the links I've got in it.

And I am playing with my banner. I got rid of the Pixelized image that was on it, and replaced it with a different copy of the same image... only... then, the image looked weird, with grass as the main part of the image. So I changed that, cut out the grass, and re-centered the text. Then the Picture looked too small next to a wide expanse of green.

Don't get me wrong, I love the green. But just not quite so much of it. So I changed it yet again, this time adding a second copy of the picture on the other side.

You know what I realized? I need to take new pictures. I love the format of the header now, a pic on each side... But I think it looks strange having the SAME pic on each side. Plus, now I have 2 beeba's, which I didn't have when I first started the Beeba Bottoms business and the blog.

My new thought is: I need new pics of both the kids. Only... Beeba 1 is getting a little big to photograph in nothing but a diaper... especially since, he doesn't actually wear diapers anymore... he wears training pants now.

So, what pics can I use that illustrates the title of the Blog, keeps in mind my business header (which I really should give an update to as well), and still protects the kids anonymity? because really... they are not going to want people being able to pick their diaper images out in a line-up...

Do I go with 1 picture again, but switch to a new pic of Beeba 2's Behind? what about a rendered drawing? artwork rather than photography? Which reminds me that I still need a logo for Crystal City Fibers, as well.

what about 2 photos, keeping the original as is, and Adding Beeeba 2's photo?

One thing is for sure... I can't do any new photos till it is warmer here... as in, the summer. because if I try to take a backyard photo in just a diaper right now, I'll have to call and report myself! Its way too cold. I won't even let the kids go near the open door in shorts most days... long pants ans good socks are a must. and sweaters.

but indoor photos never look as nice.

Oh, another point is I don't want to change the colors of my header... much rather change the colors of the blog, but it won't let me... stupid template. and if I change the template, I lose all the tweaking I've done. Waah!

Ok, so I have some work cut out for me. I don't think I realized how much till I wrote this post.

And maybe its a good thing that I've been recording my sources for the widgets I like... I may wind up needing to re-do them.



  • Anonymous

    Your banner is off to a good start though, the baby pic is cute and I like the stripes. Good luck! Sandra Singh

  • bluemtnBeth

    I like the picture of Beeba #1--very cute! If it were me I would get a picture of Beeba#2 outside in the grass like Beeba#1....definitely when it's warmer outside. Your blog is looking great! Good job Theresa!

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