Widgets that work, and That don't work...

In the last few weeks, I have installed some new widgets to my site here. And I have uninstalled some.

You might notice the Label Cloud. That is a very cool widget, I found instructions for at www.techknowl.com.

You may also have noticed the Related Posts Links, which are now removed. Somehow, they worked well at first, but later started saying "please upgrade". Since they were less than pleasing, I won't tell you where I found them. I'll keep looking for a better solution.

Or the fact that my Blogger Nav bar is gone, giving the blog a more streamlined and (hopefully) more professional look. That was a tip I found at another TechKnowl post.

I also was able to add true Meta Tags to the code of the Blog. Yet another TecKnowl post.

Notice a theme? I like TechKnowl, lol.

But really, I keep hearing people talk about how they like Wordpress better. Why?? I can get everything they have right here, and not confuse my readers by changing over to a different URL.

Hey, if Wordpress has it, and I want it, I bet I can find it. What do you think?

And, if I find more cool widgets, I'll share them with you. Its only fair, after all. If I am gonna do the research to find these things, whether I use them or not, I may as well share that info with my loverly readers!

Till later, Signing out.



  • BeebaBottoms

    hmm... aparently my reccomended posts links are back and working... interesting...

  • Anonymous

    I think when many people talk about Wordpress being better they are talking about the full version that you install on your own hosting account.

    Wordpress.com doesn't really have anything over blogger, but a self-hosted wordpress installation gives me total freedom to do what ever I want. I can edit the html, I'm not limited to specific formats, the plug-in that are available are extensive. Personally I really like a full-version and hosted Wordpress blog.

  • Unknown

    Just stoppin by to let you know I left you something on my blog :)

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