I have been sorely MIA...

If you recall, last I posted was just as we were coming on Easter, and I hope everyone had a good one. We also had a birthday party here on the 11th, and an out of state guest. Still, the absence is inexcusable.

To make up for it, instead of putting up a post of yarn, fiber, or fabulous UFO's, I'll start us back up with some fun photos that exhibit what we have been doing with ourselves here for the last couple weeks.

We have spent quite a few days at the local park, just a couple blocks away. Its great fun for the Beeba 1.
Beeba 1 having fun

But Beeba 2 prefers to stay in our own backyard, and have a swing with her big brother.
Both kids having a ball in the backyard

I'll post more tomorrow, with some up to date Yarn Everyday Pics, and who knows, maybe even a further in progress shot of the Monkey Socks.

Till then, Keep having fun!


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