More Yarn Everyday Challenge; and My Monkey Socks Progress.

I've been busy. Really. And not just with yarn. Beeba 1 has his birthday party tommorrow. He turned 3 on Monday. But I have managed to keep up with the yarn everyday challenge, and here are a few more days worth of it:

April 7th, More of the pink Chocolate BFL:

Pink Chocolate BFL Singles

April 8th, More Pink Chocolate and some Perendale (the perendale I carded up for the Blog here-- expect a video of this sometime in the near future, but probably not till after next week)

Pink Chocolate BFL Singles

Perendale Singles

April 9th, I started on some Bamboo.


I haven't spun for today yet, but thats ok... its only just past 10:30 am.

Then, as for the monkey socks, they have been feeling neglected. So the last couple days, I got to work on them. I have officially finished the legs of them, and am about halfway done making the heel flaps. The pattern was not writing for 2 at a time, so I had to play with the needles a bit, and of course, I have no stitch holders, so lucky me, I used some little safety pins to hold the stitches... I think I used 10 of them, lol. But they are now looking really cool.


With that, I bid farewell for probably the weekend. With the Party tommorrow, as well as the family Seder dinner at my FIL's house (yes, I know it is not the first day, they do it when it is convenient to get the most people to come) and My mom is driving in today, so we will be very busy the next few days.

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter, and Happy Passover!


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