A really Good Reader Question

I have been battling the question... how to respond to my reader's questions and comments. Blogger does not allow for threaded comments, so it would be confusing to just post a new comment.

So, finally, a reader has asked a question that really requires a good answer.

I have decided that when this happens, I will make a new post to answer the question. So, here it is.

Lucero Asked:

How did you get into spinning yarn? I'd never really thought about doing it myself until I saw an article about spinning yarn out of newspaper to make rugs out of it. Not to mention reading Sleeping Beauty to my little girl every other day keeps spinning in my head :).

First off, Lucero, thank you for the question. I love getting comments and questions from readers, it makes me feel special.

As for spinning, I am a member of a diaper sewing forum, and they are the culprits that got me spinning. Yup. Diapers into spinning.

More specifically, on the diaper board, there is a yarn crafts sub-forum. on there, yet another subforum popped up one day. I didn't notice it for a while, but one day, went venturing into the "spinning Happy" sub-forum, where I was immediately bombarded with pictures of handspun yarns and spinning wheels, spindles, the like.

I ran away. I couldn't afford a new hobby. I already had too much taking up my time.

But I couldn't stay away. a couple days later, I had my very first spindles, which I talked about in This post .

You can see form that post that my first yarn wasn't very great. Nobody's is. It took days before I was so completely and totally hooked that I knew I would have a wheel. I talked about that Here.

Soon after, I was convinced (granted, it didn't take much) to join a group of friends in a venture that has become the Indie Dyers Coop.

Most recent in my spinning history is obtaining my new Ladybug Wheel, which I posted about here.

I hope this answered your question, Lucero. I enjoyed answering it. :)


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