Happy Holidays!

The Holidays are here, and everywhere we find christmas music, glitter, mistletoe, and garlands. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanuckah, Kwanzaa, or some otherr holiday I apologize for not knowing of, it is a time for celebration, laughing children, and often frustrated parents.

New Toys abound in our house, due to our Thanksgiving trip to NC, where we celebrated christmas early with family who won't be here next week. This afternoon, the smell of baking cookies will rise in my house, and Saturday, we celebrate christmas again with DH's Brother and his family. Then the smells of turkey and stuffing will be wafting around my kitchen.

My Birthday is next week too. I will be 27... and as my DH reminded me, I am older than he was when we met, I must be getting old... I feel it, too... but in a good way. We have a lot to be glad for this holiday season. We have 2 beautiful healthy children, we own our home, DH has a good steady job when many do not, and while we cannot always buy everything we want when we want it, we do have everything we need.

This year, We tried to buy toys for the kids that encourage imagination... not that they need the encouragement... Beeba 1 loves trains, and in his mind, anything can become one. He will look at rain on a window and find a train, or at the clouds. Beeba 2 is growing fast, and can get into anything she tries for, with little effort. She is trying to pull up to a stand now, too, and sometimes succeeds.

So, to my friends, family, customers, and readers, I wish you a Happy Holiday, whichever you celebrate!


And the winner is...; Dutch blogger?

Dum Dum Dum Dum...

Ok, so a written drum roll doesn't have the same effect.

The Winner of Beeba Bottoms' Mini Hunt Drawing has been pulled. Sorry its late, Life has truly been crazy here the past week.

Congratulations Carolyn, I will be emailing you very shortly, so that you can claim your prize.

On a completely side note, does anyone know why Blogger keeps coming up in dutch for me recently? being that I don't read dutch, it is really aggravating.

ok, the Beebas are having fun driving me crazy, Beeba 2 has already tried to eat the 2 peices of fluff I didn't know were on the floor... so I'd better move on with things.


Thanksgiving travels; GCDH Drawing; Happy Holidays

Well, Thanksgiving is done. My family and I traveled 12 hours each way down to NC to visit My dad and sisters. We had lots of fun, and did an early Christmas celebration with them too. The Beebas both got entirely spoiled, and really, so did my husband and I...

Beeba 1 is happily driving me crazy today with his new Drum set... Beeba 2 is just so worn out she is sleeping all morning in my lap... and the car was so loaded, that all of us but my husband the driver had things on our laps... even the almost 7month old Beeba 2.

I of course had the diaperbag, and all the trip snacks all over my lap. Beeba 1 had jackets and coats on his feet, which he hated... it frustrated him more than anything that he could not kick all around.

Evan little Beeba 2... she had her brand new and very first dolly on her lap, along with 2 teddy bears, 2 blankets, and who knows what other little toys. Between them sat the large box of Beeba 1's new Drum set... so they could not see each other, and with the piles in the car, I could barely see either one of them if I tried.

I heard the line "well, what do you want to do about it?" a lot when I worried about the over-packed situation.

In the meantime, I got a new cell phone, as an ongoing birthday/Christmas present, and as such will be changing my contact info for the web-shops to reflect that change.

On the business end of things, The 2008 Great Cloth Diaper Hunt has come to a close. I hope everyone has enjoyed the hunt. For those who have entered into our mini hunt drawing, I will be drawing a winner as soon as we finish getting settled back home. Meaning, it will be this week, but give me a few days. I will notify the winner through email as well as here on the blog by Saturday afternoon.

Happy holidays to all. Watch in the near future for more great sales and promotions from Beeba Bottoms!


The Hunt is on; I've been spinning!

Well, The great Cloth Diaper Hunt is going on, all this month, and as a sponsor, Beeba Bottoms has been busy. We've had lots of traffic, and are hoping to get some great sales. In preparation for the hunt, we lined up some new items. (You gotta love having a crafty family)

From the Beebas' Grandma herself, Designs by GinaL, a line of hand-crafted and one of a kind jewelry, made from high quality glass and crystal beads, a few beads she designed and made herself, and a lot of creativity. These pieces are highly original, and very beautiful. They make great gifts, and she will do special orders on request, as well.

From the Beebas' Aunty, Inspirationals by Chrissy. Chrissy is a highly spiritual person who makes these plaques with faith and love. Bringing one of these plaques into your home is sure to be nothing less than a blessing.

Of course, we'll always have the Diapers end of Beeba Bottoms. However, due to a very large custom order, Instock items are a bit slow right now. Expect more coming soon. Of course, custom orders are always available through the site, and soon, I hope to have more of my embroidery designs online for you to choose from. (I have thousands, and the small library I have been able to publish does not do them justice)


On another end of things, the personal front, in my rare spare time, I have been spinning away. I just got a spinning wheel, and loving it!

I got my wheel from Heavenly Handspinning , and it will be a purchase I will never regret. The Owner of the shop, Jan, is great to work with, and the wheel is a great little wheel. It cost under $200, plus the shipping, and it is a very simple looking, but pretty as well, wheel.

I started spinning as soon as I could... (I had to work on that big order of diapers first) and boy, was there a learning curve. But... I was able that first night to produce a nice little bit of yarn.

Oops! Dr. Who is on! Our late night Saturday obsession. Gotta sign off!


It’s that time again! We are proud to announce our sponsorship of the Eighth semi-annual Great Cloth Diaper Hunt™!

How does the GCDH work? It’s simple! You register at http://www.diaperdecisions.com/pages/greatclothdiaperhunt.php on or after October 15, 2008. Then you visit all the participating sponsor sites and hunt for the Diaper Decisions™ diaper, to earn entries to the 65 random prize drawings, including Two Grand Prizes and one Ultimate Grand Prize!
For more details about this great event, please visit the Rules and FAQ pages at http://www.diaperdecisions.com/pages/greatclothdiaperhunt.php . See you at the hunt!


I've been Distracted

Hello. Sorry I haven't posted in a little while.... I've been a little distracted. The weather is getting cooler here, and we are getting busier. Despite now being a one car family, which in itself is not a horrendouse thing, we have been running around what seems like an awful lot.

Beeba 2 is being baptized later this month... and for that, we have family coming from out of state. of course, most of that family will be staying with us. so not only do we need to neaten/re-organize/clean our downstairs of our house for the day of the baptism, we need to do something with upstairs, to alleviate the clutter there.

And with the cold weather comes cold drafts through our old windows, and the need to turn on the heat. Of course, knowing what heat cost us last winter, we have been afraid to turn it on, lol. But... it had to be done. We spent the day yesterday putting plastic on the windows upstairs. we got 2 rooms done, (5 windows) and have 5 windows left upstairs to do. my hubby put better insulation on our back door, but didn't account for it taking so much, so he needs to get more for the front door. and we are debating putting plastic up, as much as it would be ugly, on the windows and doors downstairs too. cause if it could save us on our heating bills this winter, it would be worth it. we may postpone that till after the baptism and party, though.

Both the Beebas are growing. Beeba 1 finally calls his sister by her name, instead of simply "baby"... and Beeba 2 sits up on her own now... for about 30 seconds to a minute at a time. She loves to make lots of fun sounds now, too. And Beeba 1 is finally trying a little harder with his potty learning, so maybe we'll have just one in diapers soon? Its about time, he's 2 and a half... most of his friends, some 6+ months younger, are fully out of diapers now.... even nights for several.

Meantime, I am getting more busy for business too. I have an order to fill of 15 diapers and 6 covers... and possibly another order of embroidery too. not sure on that one. its a good thing, though I'll be super busy for a while. (no spinning for me for the next few days, lol) Those orders will fund our trip to see my dad for Thanksgiving.

And, the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt is coming up. As you know, Beeba Bottoms is sponsoring this year... so I hope it all goes great!


Fiber Fest Fun; PVC Niddy Noddy

As you may have known, This Past weekend I got to go to the Fingerlake Fiber Festival, something I now plan to attend without fail every year hereafter. Can we say pure FIBER BLISS?

Tons of pretty things, fiber, yarns, WHEELS, spindles, all sorts of stuff! I got to meet and chat with Jonathan and Sheila Bosworth (think Journey Wheel and Bosworth Spindles) and even got to try out a Bosworth book Charka. (it wasn't my taste, but so beautifully made)

I got to touch and feel so many things, and got to hold both Bosworth spindles as well as Goldings, and I tell you what, I was afraid to break them, as much as they cost. But SOO well made!

I tried to stick to a budget (I chose a budget of a bit less than I will have excess after buying my wheel next month) and did really well. I got some BFL, and some corriedale-finn which was just so soft, and some natural brown fiber that was $1 an ounce, and I should have gotten more, because I know it will go fast. I don't anticipate using much myself, but I have nieces who were mesmerized by my spinning Friday night, and it will be perfect to give them a handful and say, here, try it. (with toy wheel spindles, of course)

I also got a Turkish spindle, cause I wanted to try a bit of a heavier spindle, (specially for plying) and I really thought the idea was cool... plus, it spins FOREVER.

I came home only wising I had had more money to spend, because everything a person could want for spinning was there, and in great supply. or maybe if I could just live at fiber fest... yeah, that'd be cool.

Also this weekend, I made my very own PVC Niddy Noddy. But, with the cheapness of PVC, and the length it comes in (too long to stand on end in my house of the tall ceilings) I was not content to make just one simple Niddy. I made a 3-in-one Niddy. By measuring out different lengths of Piping, I was able to make a niddy that can convert from making 24" skeins, to 1 yard skeins, to 2 yard skeins.


Sometimes Life gives you Lemons...

and I love lemons, lol. I never did understand that saying... as if Lemons were a bad thing.

So, good things instead.

1. I am getting a wheel. Yes, the very simple one I blogged about earlier. and no, not today... Next month.

2. I will actually have money left over to buy extra Bobbins for said wheel (which only comes with 2) and to buy FIBER!

I want: BFL... suposed to be awesome for spinning and wear great
Merino... Love the softness
Some superwash... cause I have family that will refuse to work with anything that felts.

3. Fiber Fest is tommorrow... perfect timing.

and 4. more directly related to business at this time, I will be a sponsor in The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt this november! Don't forget to sign up to search. (the sign ups are not quite open yet, but will be in too too super long.)

oh, and 5, back to spinning... I figured out how to make my spindles heavier.... (a good thing to be abel to do, especially for plying, I hear) I just add another wheel whorl! and voila, instead of .7 ounce spindle, 1.2 ounce spindle!


The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt

Is coming again soon. This twice a year event is a scavenger hunt of sorts, sending hunters looking for a cute little Icon on many sponsor sites. THe sponsors Hide the Icon within their product listings, and The Hunt is on. Hunters are entered into drawings to win prizes donated by the sponsors as they find more Icons.

This year, Beeba Bottoms will be a participating sponsor of the Fall hunt! You can expect more information later on, but for now, WOOHOO!


The Next Phase

In my newest obsession... Spinning.

Its coming. well, not yet. but as soon as I can get together enough money.

I want a spinning wheel. like, really really want. Of course, that just goes along with my personality. If you have been following here, you will know that I bounce around a lot. I get what needs to be done done, and I don't quit anything... but I love trying new things.

But,m I am also the victim of a very small craft and hobby budget. and since I am so new to spinning, I can call it nothing but a hobby, even to my husband, who would happily fund anything he thinks will bring us money.

But, spinning, he thinks, can only take time away from my business. and so cannot be worth doing in his mind.

I explained to him, Spinning is a hobby yes, but everyone needs a hobby, even when their business is something they love too. I love sewing. I love sewing diapers and things. But often, I feel a bit of pressure when doing those now, that things have to be perfect, or be done on a certain deadline, or something like that. nothing wrong with the pressure, it is normal, and I think everyone feels it. but, its nice sometimes to have something you can do JUST FOR FUN.

Of course, when I started the business, part of it was so I would have an excuse to spend time and money on these things I love. and who knows, if I ever get really good at spinning, it may wind up incorporated into the business in some way. But that would not be for quite some time, being as I am so new to spinning.

But that takes me back to my new wants. I love my spindles, and I can't wait to go to the fiber festival here this weekend. But I am also very anxious to get a wheel, just because it feels like a door in front of me, begging to be opened.

I have done some research. and here is the wheel I am going to try and get:

It is a really simple wheel. The Otium from Heavenly Handspinning, it only runs about $150 plus shipping. but, it has 3 different ratios, and I am told that the wheels from this seller run super smoothly.

I plan that If/when I get it, I will probably paint it, just like I painted my spindle. I could see the wheel in a bright red, or maybe a cool blue... ooohhh... or an emerald green!

The bobbins on this wheel hold up to 6 ounces of yarn, and it comes with 2... you can get more in single packs or in 3 packs from their website, www.heavenlyhandspinning.com. They have a lazy kate accessory as well, and a skein winder.

I want it all.

Hey, heavenly handspinner... wanna give it all to me for free? I'll review it for you! heh. I am only half kidding here, folks. and the kid is that... they don't read my blog. but, I am dying for a wheel, and will do mostly anything to get one. This one I think I can afford eventually.

Wheels are expensive. I also love the fidelis from the same seller... and have heard only good reviews about it. but, it does cost a little more, and I really don't have extra money to spend, so, since the biggest differences here seem to be cost, and look, and the fact that the Otium comes as a kit to put together... well, I like putting things together. and as I said, I'll paint it, decorate it, personalize it.

By the way, in the few weeks I have been spinning, I have three people asking me for spindles now. THey will eacj get one, too. But I will have to think about what kind of fiber to give them with it... especially since I can barely afford fiber myself.

Oh, speaking of which, take a look at what is on its way to me:

Its Esby by Bohemia yarn Co. on BFL. isn't it yummy!
You can find Bohemia Yarn Co. on Hyena Cart.... and I can't wait to see this in person! its so pretty!

Gotta go... time to walk the kids to the library for baby bookworm.



... Is really quite fun. I did get some actual work done today, but I spent an awful lot of time thinking about spinning.

I am not fast. I am not good. But I am having fun. I started with a top whorl spindle made from a 2 inch wooden car wheel, a 1/2 inch cup hook, and a 12 inch long 1/4 inch dowel. It worked. That was when I was impatient about getting the spindle I ordered, which I assumed would be much better than mine.

I had ordered some wool to spin, and it was (is) so soft, and pretty natural color... super nice to feel, but I had a hard time getting it to spin even... It is put aside now till I get just a little better.

A few days after I made my own spindle, I got 2 packages in the mail. one of them contained the spindle I bought. would you guess, there were only 3 small differences between it and the one I made. 1, they used a 1.5 inch wood car wheel, lol. 2, they used a bigger cup hook, go figure. and 3, they tapered the end to a point. The only difference I actually think I liked was the tapered end, and that only asthetically... its a drop spindle... the end doesn't REALLY matter.

The other package was a very thoughtful and highly apreciated gift from one of the members of my favorite Diaper Sewing Board, Diaper Sewing Divas. She sent me a bottom whorl drop spindle, handmade, with a painted whorl and both ends tapered, no hook at all. And, she sent a nice big ball of fiber to spin. Shetland, which I have now found is a much better starting fiber, though I am not sure exactly what I will make with the finished yarn, as shetland isn't the softest. But, I am now spinning that fiber, and really enjoying it. It is much easier to spin, and I have spun most of the spindle full.

The spindle I bought also came with "a handful of random fiber floof" I spun that, and it too was easier than the super soft wool I bought. I made a mini-mini-mini skein, lol... it might be a few yards long... (I navajo plied it... I could not figure out any way to do regular plying... with only one single... besides, the navajo plying seemed easier, somehow.)

One day I'll get my hubby to drill some holes in a peice of wood to make me a lazy kate for spindles.

heck, one day, I'll probably find a way to get a spinning wheel, too. cause I am having tons of fun.

Oh, and two year old Beeba 1 saw me "playing" with my spindles. he had to have one. so, for the whole under a dollar it took, I put a spindle together just for him.

Then I was at the craft store and saw this little wooden Disc. A little over the 2 inch circumference of my big wheel, but it weighs the same as the 1.5 inch wheel on the spindle I bought. I figured, hey, it costs all of 12 cents, why not grab it?

So I did. I had my hubby drill me a hole in the center, big enough for the dowel I already had, and there was a spindle whorl. But I already had 3 spindles. and I only started spinning last week... so there had to be an excuse to make another one, right? well, the excuse was that I have seen so many super cute decorated ones online, (and really want them all, lol... ) that I should have a more decorated one too. Plus, I wanted to try every kind of spindle I can... see what is best for me.

So this one is .5 ounces, made with more evenly distributed weight whorl rather than center distributed, with a spindle length of 9 inches total, and 8 below the whorl.

It spins really well, too. so, I have 4 spindles now. and what do you think, I have favorites. 2 favorites, actually. They are tied. The spindle given to me, and the most recent decorated one. Different reasons.

For the spindle I was given, part of the reason I like it is because it was given. Something about the fact that it was handmade for me, the the good feelings thus infused in it. Also, my first mostly even yarn was spun on it. (I have now, by the way, plied that single as well... but it is still on the bigger spindle, waiting for more yarn to be added, or waiting to be taken off and skeined. I still have about an ounce of that wool to spin...)

The new decorated spindle I like a lot too. I like that is it is light, and spins really easy, and that it is super pretty, and makes me smile. I like to see the gold paint glinting off it as it spins, and I like that I actually have been doing pretty good spinning on it, too. I also like its shorter length... it makes me feel like it would be easier to travel with. and I like that it has a hook, because I can spin faster without doing a half-hitch... though I am sure I will use the turkish style spindle I was given quite often too.

third favorite is the spindle I made first, believe it or not. I like that I did not spend a bunch of money on it. I like that it does spin well. It is slightly heavier... at a whole .7 oz, lol... and it is bigger than the other spindles I like best by a few inches. I like it for plying. I am sure there are better spindles... but I like it ok.

and my least favorite is the one I bought. Of course, there are reasons for that, too. 1, I paid $5 plus shipping for something that as I look at it, I could have made for a dollar. 2, it seems out of proportion somehow, with a 12 inch length and a tiny little wheel whorl. and 3, I think for something that was bought, it would have been nice if it didn't look like the whole thing was bought and thrown together from craft store supplies in 5 minutes.


Having only 1 car...

...is no fun at all.

Earlier this week, my husband's 13 year old car finally died. We could not afford to spend 3 time its value on fixing it, so, bu-bye car.

On the one hand, this will speed up the process of getting a new car (I want a minivan, so I can fit the kids AND family into it, or the kids AND luggage in it on long trips... you get the idea).

On the other hand, this will also mean that we are a one car family for a while. and I am already feeling the effects of that. My husband isn't. Oh no, he gets first priority on the car, don't you know.

I, on the other hand, missed Beeba 1's library program this week because while the library is in walking distance, it really isn't when it rains all day. and I will be missing my Le Leche League meeting this morning, because he needs the car to go to meetings today.

The only time I have been out of the house this week was to go to the grocery store, which meant I missed the bedtime routine for Beeba 1, and because the one aspect of cloth diapering my husband has never figured out is what to put him in for overnight, he put my poor beeba 1 in a trashie!

It really feels wrong for me to have to feel guilty about wanting the car for a day, so I can get errands done. But, despite the fact that I have always had certain things I do with the kids on a very regular basis, my husband cannot schedule around us, because his work schedules the meetings, not him.

So, I feel frustrated and angry, but really, I cannot get angry at him. But I do, because I don't have anyone else to be angry at. It isn't fair to either him or me, and I feel guilty. Which means I still wind up feeling it more than him...

We'll get through it. We have done the one car thing before. But then, we only had 1 child, too, and it didn't feel as rotten. Now, with 2 kids, I DEPEND on getting out of the house once or twice a week. those few hours around other adults really do a lot to keep me sane. I love my kids, but they are not the most stimulating conversationalists.


The sale is done, On to the next steps

Well, THe Grand Opening sale is over, the Auction is done, the Lotterys are won.

Now, I just wait for payments to come in for the last couple items, and it will be time to start working on the next stocking.

In the next Stocking of Beeba Bottoms @ HC, you can expect to see at least one set, including an embroidered onesie/shirt and a coordinating embroidered pocket diaper or fitted diaper and embroidered cover.

I also intend to have a couple more keychain diapers up for sale, and several new fitted diapers.


Antsy and a couple Diapers for Beeba 2

What a title, huh? ok, first things first. Why am I antsy.

Well, I ordered a drop spindle from a seller on Esty, HausMaus. I'd like to say I am thrilled, it is great, spins like a dream, whatever. But I can't. I can't even say it is horrible. It has been a week since I ordered, and I not only don't have it yet (something that can happen, and I am not upset so much about) but I have also received no communication from the seller, and am seeing no indication that it was shipped or even that the order was looked at.

I ordered some roving to practice on the day after, and it is not here yet either. It at least shows as shipped in my Purchases. But, the seller chose not to use a trackable shipping method... or at least did not give me a way to track it. Again, that in itself is not so bad... maybe foolish, but not terrible.

So, I am antsy. I get very into what I am doing. When I decide to try something, I do it full on, head on... and I like to get started right away. I taped a CD to a pencil and have been twirling that around, and if my wool gets here before the spindle, I may try it that way.... but I'd rather have a real spindle, cause the pencil and CD keeps falling apart, even though it spins really well when it is together.

I just wish the stuff would get here, you know? I know it will (it better) but I am antsy.

But, on the other hand, I have been getting some diapers for Beeba 2 done... she needs some Mediums, she is growing so fast, lol. I made one that is Velour inner and outer, with pastel variagated Wooly Nylon, and a snap-in soaker... it is to die for! MMMM... so squishy and soft... I was gonna put it on my cart, but decided Beeba 2 MUST have it... I can make another for the cart.

I also made her an embroidered Denim fitted.... I do not usually do fitted diapers with embroidery, but I was testing my machine after it came back from the shop... Again, it would have gone to my cart, but... I didn't realize that the shop people must have set the machine for regular sewing (which I never use on that machine) and had set the presser foot pressure far far too high. The embroidery did not come out perfect, not even good enough for me to want to stock it as a second... but it is still very pretty and cute. So, it became a diaper for my Beeba 2.

Isn't she cute?


Beeba Bottoms @ Hyena Cart is OPEN!

Yay! I have been puting a lot of time and energy into making sure I had a good variety to stock for the big Grand Opening Sale, now all there is to do is wait! (and make more for the next stocking, of course) My plan is to stock on average every 2 weeks, but I'll stock more if stuff sells well, and less if it sits. (or maybe just one or 2 things every other week if it sits)

I added a Twitter Element on the side of the Blog. If I rememebr to update it, I will, every now and then... it seems almost like it would be a MINI blog, lol... so, a blog within a blog... oh well, I see them all the time... but I figure, I can update that with things that are not big enough for a whole post here, but that I think would be interesting to share... or when I am bored, lol.

Don't forget to check out the sale! I have 3 FFS Lottos up and an Auction for the cutest little embroidered Diaper Cover, Size Medium, with a teddy bear on it... perfect for boys or girls, and right now, it is only at $3.00! You have got to get in on this....


Snap Press Conversion Time!

I've been wanting to convert my snap press into a Kick Press for a while now, Every since I saw a picture of it online. Well, Guess what? I'm doing it!

Well, actually, my husband is doing it for me. But I collected all the parts for it.

So here are the specs. I know I was lost looking for specs, and I want this to be easy for anyone to do.

Supplies needed:
--1 tool stand. I used a 29" Universal tool Stand, 29.99 from harbor freight, and 8 dollars shipping. if I had ordered a day earlier, I would have caught it on sale for 19.99.... but oh well.

--Lumber. I used 3/4" A/C Plyboard, one peice cut to the size of the bottom of the stand (it should have been a few inches longer, though, I think) and one peice for the top, a bit bigger than the top of the stand, to give me a good surface. (My stand is a very narrow one though, only 9.5 inches wide on top, so if you have a wider top, you may want yours to be closer to the size of your top.

You also need a peice for the lever. the ones I saw online used 2x4, but we used a length of 2x6. It gives a better foot space.

--Hardware. A hinge, we used a regular door hinge, and bolts to connect the pieces. You will also need some rope and brackets to connect the bottom of the stand to your base wood.

and here's how we built it.

step one: take the whole family to the store, get out of the car, and realize you forgot your list of measurements at home. Go Home and get them.

step two: Back to the store. buy hinges, and plywood. don't forget rope and bolts.

Step three: Make DH start putting the sucker together. Make sure to get a cute pic of Beeba 1 "helping" sand a paint stirrer.

Step four: get the sucker inside, and fight with getting the rope length exactly right. Realize the base wood should actually be a good six inches or so longer, because it is really not easy to press snaps while sitting with a diagonal push. It would be much easier to press them if the weight were straight downward.

Step four. Enjoy having a Kick press that, while not perfect yet, is a whole lot better than it was when it was fully manual.

I'll update when I finish improving it.


A New Hobby??

I sew, I knit, now, maybe I'll..... Spin?

That's right, I just bought my very first drop spindle. I can't wait for it to get here. I promise not to let it affect my shops... at least not at first, lol. Who knows, maybe somewhere down the line, it will be a new addition.

For now, Just a new hobby. One I can't wait to start. But wait... I still need fiber to spin. the Spindle I bought, from an Etsy shop, is supposed to come with "a generous handful" of fiber, to start learning with. But I am sure that wont last long.

So, I need to look for some fiber. What to try? Well, I am not all that knowledgeable about spinning, but I love wool, and have heard it is easy to learn on, so I bought a package of natural undyed roving too. I am thinking this way, I will be able to play... it was only $5 itself. (which I am guessing will mean not the best quality, but for a starter, I can't spend much)


Zorb... The next Best Diaper Fabric?

Probably not, but bot a terrible thing either. Marketed as "Super absorbent cloth", I got to try a bit this week for myself, Thanks to an acquaintance from an online group.

Overall, My feelings are that it is really no different from Microfibre. It will absorb, but it will also squish out fluid. You must have a fair amount of additional natural absorbancy to go with the Zorb, or you will just have a mess.

As far as the specifics, I made one diaper each for Beeba 1 and Beeba 2. Both are AI2 style, since if figured if the Zorb were a complete failure, I would have lost very little, it only being within the Soaker layers, and those not being attached to the diaper by more than snaps.

In Beeba 1's Diaper, a Large HHS, I started with a single soaker flap consisting of one layer Sherpa, 2 layers rib knit, and 1 layer Zorb. It worked, but not as well as I would have hoped. the Diaper leaked through after a little under 2 hours.

Later, I added a second flap consisting of 1 layer Sherpa, 1 layer Zorb, and a layer of Microchamois (for stay-dry). I was hoping for a trim night-worthy diaper.

I don't know if it will be night worthy, but it did prove Nap-worthy. So that is not too bad. It was super trim with only the first flap, but didn't last long. It is still pretty trim with the 2 flaps, and it holds well for AT LEAST enough time for regular day-time use. I should say, though, that Beeba 1 is nearing Potty training, and is also an average wetter, not heavy.

For Beeba 2, who is almost 4 months old, can you believe it?? seems like yesterday she was born!... anyway, for her, I used 2 flaps from the start. the bottoms flap consisting of 2 layers flannel, 1 Sherpa, and 1 Zorb, and the top of 4 layers flannel, 1 zorb, and 1 microchamois. She is a Heavy/Frequent wetter.

We tried hers on today, and it lasted less than an hour before either it was leaking through, or it might have been that her clothes were just wet from the rain. We'll try again later. Either way, though, the inside of the diaper was wet through, so I really don't think it would have lasted longer.


Previews coming up tonight!

I am a bit ahead of schedule, so I am going to put up my previews tonight instead of tomorrow for the Grand Opening of Beeba Bottoms at Hyena Cart. Previews will continue to go up until the opening from here in.

I thought I'd put up a few previews right here, but just a few. so here is a size small Fattycakes that will go live September first:

And a couple of FFS Lotterys, too:

super cute and useful wipes! I have a boy set and a girl set that will be FFS.

There will be 1 more FFS Lottery, yet to be announced, and an Embroidered Pocket Diaper in size Medium which will be Auctioned, and much more.

I hope you'll take a look!


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