Thread! Lots of Thread!

Yes, you heard me right. I got the thread I ordered for Embroidery yesterday. Here what it looked like when it came. Packed nicely in its box.

Actually, it wasn't packed quite so nicely as it looks... there was no rhyme or reason to how it was packed... no order at all, and no color card to say how to organize it. I had to do a search online to find one.

It took me nearly an hour to get them all straightened out.

But, I got them in order, by number, and here they are now. All pretty and organized in color families. Its like a pretty thread rainbow!

And, I still have more space to add more pretty variegated colors and metallics as needed.

Plus, three of the bottom spools are bobbin thread. When they run out, I think I will be getting some pre-filled bobbins, and I can use the pegs for MORE thread!

Boy, I sound thread crazy. But, You know what this means. Expect more embroidered Items in my shops in the very near future.


New Top 100!

Beeba Bottoms Top 100 Mommy and Baby Sites

Ok, there are a lot of these lists out on the web. I know that. but they do work. Using the idea of reciprocal links, you don't have to do anything to be on one of these lists but have a link to the list somewhere on your site, in a links page, or a banner rotator, or something similar. It is slightly more work to run one, I have found. As many of my new members have not been able to get a banner running, or have forgotten to change the size of the banner in the form they signed up with.

But, I think it has potential. The more people click into the list form your link, the higher on the list your banner moves, and the more people click to your page.

However, the one thing I do not like is the Google Ads on the list. So. Here is the deal. I will post a few permanent links in prominent spaces on the list. This will be limited in number, so as not to crowd out the free members. as in, 1 row of 125x125 buttons after the 3rd ranked link and 1 row at the top of page 2, and a few 468x60 banners interspersed bewteen other ranks, no more than 2 in any one place. Money from these ads will be used to cover the cost of getting rid of the google ads and into advertising the toplist, to get the ads we post more visibility.

If you are interested in having a permanent spot on the list, comment on this post with an email and I will contact you. I will delete the comments as I respond to them, so your email won't be hanging out for long. The cost of the Ads will be $2.50 for a three month period. As soon as I have enough to get rid of the google ads, I will, and after that, I will start using ad money to get the list ads elsewhere, to help all of its members get more business.

Permanent Ads will be on a first come, first served (and chosen) basis.

To have a permanent ad, you must: 1. have either a 125x125 or a 468x60 ad to use. 2. Be a family friendly site. My children are often on my lap, as are many others who will veiw this list.


Back from our trip...

Boy, are we all tired. We took yesterday as a detox day. Don't get me wrong, I love, and the kids love, going to my Mom's, but boy, is it a long drive! But, we made it. We left thursday, thinking the kids would sleep if we drove at night. I have to be honest. They were both awake and screaming most of the drive. Then the next day, I took Beeba 2 with me and went to work with my mom. She loves showing off her grandkids. Beeba 1 and my husband came later. Saturday was the wedding that did not want a nursing baby at it. Of course, since Beeba 2 is only 2 months old, and the wedding and events around it were to last ALL DAY (think, 9:30 am till 10 or later in the evening) I of course stayed away. the kids and I hung out with my mom and tried to stay cool while my husband went to the wedding.

We went shopping friday and saturday. As he promised, my Brother bought me the Reader/Writer box for my Embroidery Machine. And the bigger size hoop for it. And I was able to order a set of 100 colors of thread! I have been practicing on the machine with the sampler card and the few colors I already had, so now I am ready for business with the embroidery. As soon as my thread gets here.

Sunday we had a "breakfast" to go to. Also wedding related. This time, though, we were told the kids were welcome, but that if needed to nurse, I shoudl run away and hide. Well, I'm sorry, but in a house full of people, there are not very many places to hide, even if I had wanted to (which I didn't) the thing that got me most though? I don't think anyone realized that 90% of the time I was holding Beeba 2 (she got passed around a little.. lots of family), she was nursing. Nobody realized she was nursing. And if they did, they couldn't see anything. So all their worries about her at the wedding? Just their neuroses.

After the breakfast, we were planning to go to a family pool, but there were severe weather warnings all day. They were saying there would be hail up to an inch and a half in diameter. There weren't, but we couldn't know that ahead of time, and decided if the weather was being predicted so bad, we had better not take the kids out.

And Of course Monday we drove back. It took forever to get home. By the time we got here, we were all tired, cranky, and ready for bed.

The saddest part of all this is that in the whole weekend, not one picture was taken. Not one. Very sad. Oh well. there will be other times.


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