Sometimes Life gives you Lemons...

and I love lemons, lol. I never did understand that saying... as if Lemons were a bad thing.

So, good things instead.

1. I am getting a wheel. Yes, the very simple one I blogged about earlier. and no, not today... Next month.

2. I will actually have money left over to buy extra Bobbins for said wheel (which only comes with 2) and to buy FIBER!

I want: BFL... suposed to be awesome for spinning and wear great
Merino... Love the softness
Some superwash... cause I have family that will refuse to work with anything that felts.

3. Fiber Fest is tommorrow... perfect timing.

and 4. more directly related to business at this time, I will be a sponsor in The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt this november! Don't forget to sign up to search. (the sign ups are not quite open yet, but will be in too too super long.)

oh, and 5, back to spinning... I figured out how to make my spindles heavier.... (a good thing to be abel to do, especially for plying, I hear) I just add another wheel whorl! and voila, instead of .7 ounce spindle, 1.2 ounce spindle!


The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt

Is coming again soon. This twice a year event is a scavenger hunt of sorts, sending hunters looking for a cute little Icon on many sponsor sites. THe sponsors Hide the Icon within their product listings, and The Hunt is on. Hunters are entered into drawings to win prizes donated by the sponsors as they find more Icons.

This year, Beeba Bottoms will be a participating sponsor of the Fall hunt! You can expect more information later on, but for now, WOOHOO!


The Next Phase

In my newest obsession... Spinning.

Its coming. well, not yet. but as soon as I can get together enough money.

I want a spinning wheel. like, really really want. Of course, that just goes along with my personality. If you have been following here, you will know that I bounce around a lot. I get what needs to be done done, and I don't quit anything... but I love trying new things.

But,m I am also the victim of a very small craft and hobby budget. and since I am so new to spinning, I can call it nothing but a hobby, even to my husband, who would happily fund anything he thinks will bring us money.

But, spinning, he thinks, can only take time away from my business. and so cannot be worth doing in his mind.

I explained to him, Spinning is a hobby yes, but everyone needs a hobby, even when their business is something they love too. I love sewing. I love sewing diapers and things. But often, I feel a bit of pressure when doing those now, that things have to be perfect, or be done on a certain deadline, or something like that. nothing wrong with the pressure, it is normal, and I think everyone feels it. but, its nice sometimes to have something you can do JUST FOR FUN.

Of course, when I started the business, part of it was so I would have an excuse to spend time and money on these things I love. and who knows, if I ever get really good at spinning, it may wind up incorporated into the business in some way. But that would not be for quite some time, being as I am so new to spinning.

But that takes me back to my new wants. I love my spindles, and I can't wait to go to the fiber festival here this weekend. But I am also very anxious to get a wheel, just because it feels like a door in front of me, begging to be opened.

I have done some research. and here is the wheel I am going to try and get:

It is a really simple wheel. The Otium from Heavenly Handspinning, it only runs about $150 plus shipping. but, it has 3 different ratios, and I am told that the wheels from this seller run super smoothly.

I plan that If/when I get it, I will probably paint it, just like I painted my spindle. I could see the wheel in a bright red, or maybe a cool blue... ooohhh... or an emerald green!

The bobbins on this wheel hold up to 6 ounces of yarn, and it comes with 2... you can get more in single packs or in 3 packs from their website, www.heavenlyhandspinning.com. They have a lazy kate accessory as well, and a skein winder.

I want it all.

Hey, heavenly handspinner... wanna give it all to me for free? I'll review it for you! heh. I am only half kidding here, folks. and the kid is that... they don't read my blog. but, I am dying for a wheel, and will do mostly anything to get one. This one I think I can afford eventually.

Wheels are expensive. I also love the fidelis from the same seller... and have heard only good reviews about it. but, it does cost a little more, and I really don't have extra money to spend, so, since the biggest differences here seem to be cost, and look, and the fact that the Otium comes as a kit to put together... well, I like putting things together. and as I said, I'll paint it, decorate it, personalize it.

By the way, in the few weeks I have been spinning, I have three people asking me for spindles now. THey will eacj get one, too. But I will have to think about what kind of fiber to give them with it... especially since I can barely afford fiber myself.

Oh, speaking of which, take a look at what is on its way to me:

Its Esby by Bohemia yarn Co. on BFL. isn't it yummy!
You can find Bohemia Yarn Co. on Hyena Cart.... and I can't wait to see this in person! its so pretty!

Gotta go... time to walk the kids to the library for baby bookworm.


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