A Cloth Diaper Dictionary

I have had more than a few people mention on the Etsy forums that they don't understand all the Cloth Diapering Lingo. I have a quick guide in my Etsy Policies, but I'd Rather list it here, I think. Feel free to add a comment if you think I have missed anything. (I'll credit you with the addition if you do. Lets make this as all inclusive as we can, shall we?)

here Goes...

Cloth Diaper Dictionary

Fitted Diaper- A Diaper made from all absorbent materials. Needs a waterproof cover.

Pocket Diaper- A very Quick Drying Diaper, usually 2 layers of fabric as the main body, in between which an absorbant layer is added prior to use. If made with a Waterproof/resistant outer layer, this can be called an "AIO Pocket". Made with absorbant layers on the outside, It would be called a "Pocket Fitted"

All-In-One/AIO Diaper- A diaper made to function like a disposable... no covers, no inserts required. May use either Hook and loop closures or snaps.

All-In-Two/AI2 Diaper- A diaper made with a waterproof outer shell, and a snap in inside Layer.

Wool-In-Two/WI2 Diaper- Similar to an AI2, but with a wool Outer Shell. The wool shell must be handwashed, or it will felt.

Diaper Cover- Water -proof or -resistant, made with either PUL, Fleece, or Wool.

Soaker- two meanings.
1, a pull-on style diaper cover, may be hand knit or sewn,
2, The absorbent layer inside diapers, often referred to as a "soaker layer". Also can be referred to as an "insert" or "stuffer"

Longies/Shorties/Skirties- Pul on diaper covers made to look and function as pants, shorts, or skirts. May be sewn or hand knit. Most Knit longies/Shorties/Skirties (as well as knit soakers) are made from wool. These must be handwashed to prevent felting.

Felt (as in Felting wool)- Felting is the process in which wool shrinks and becomes thicker. It may be an intentional thing (as in sewn wool covers from felted fabric) or an accidental thing (as in throwing your handknit wool covers into the wash, and they come out too small to be of use)

Nappy- In many parts of the world, this is what Diapers are called. Particularly Great Britain.


Busy Busy

I have been a busy bee lately. I am working on an order for a local customer (and friend), and I am trying to get more stuff made up for stocking, and handling the house and the kids.

Monday, I hurt my neck. It was a stress related injury, lol... literally. Muscle Spasms. Ouch, and I am still a little sore, but just about better now. monday when it happened, though, I was in pain enough to cry. I didn't cry through most of my natural, Drug-free labor with Beeba 2.

I do have one nice little surprise. Here is the next thing to be stocked on Etsy. it still needs its insert, but I snapped it this morning, so it is almost ready to go. Once I have the insert done and some better pics, up it goes. But for now, a sneak preveiw!


The End of July

It comes swiftly. The end of July means that The Key-chain Diaper Giveaway is swiftly coming to an end. And, the Giveaway I am sponsoring over at Handmade Showcase is also coming to an end. If you haven't entered these giveaways, do so now, before you lose your chance!

End of July also means the beginning of August. August is a busy month around here, with my Hubby's Birthday, and a friend of mine is due with her second child mid-august, too.

Of cousre, I am making her diaper stash, and as I try to get things done, would you like to guess what happened? NECK SPASMS! Have you ever had a muscle spasm? I am told they are often stress related... do you think it could be stress from a toddler, a newborn, and a business? well, whatever the reson, Ouch!

My Hubby is Home today, working, but from home. He is here so if I need him he can help. He'll go back to the office tommorrow. My neck is starting to feel better, and sooner than the doctore seemed to think it would. He said 2-3 days. I just do not allow it to hurt that long, I guess. Maybe the Doctor doesn't know Mommies too well, right?

I have not put in tons of pics lately... here is a good one of Beeba 1, when he was much smaller, and more innocent.


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