Sorry, no Monkeys today...

We were busy planting our very first veggie garden. I have a new post for you tomorrow, and we'll do the monkeys on Monday!

Till then, Enjoy the warm day!


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Again, more Yarn...

Right to business, April 15, more spindling. For those who don't know, this is an Ashford Turkish spindle, and it weighs somewhere around 2 ounces. It is by no means a work of art, but it gets the job done. And the nifty part is that when you are done spinning, the yarn can be removed in a center pull ball.

April 16, 17, and 18, I spun only the minimum 20 minutes each day, on the spindle

April 19, I used some Brown Sheep Mill Ends to practice spinning thicker singles. this is the thickest I have ever spun, about DK singles, I think.

I also did some more bamboo (the second bobbin)

April 20, I started spinning some mixed breed Fiber from the Whorling Tides Naked Fiber Club. It is really very clean, and the locks were in good shape, so I am spinning straight from the lock and just fluffing it out. I highly recommend this shop. Beth is great.

April 21, I forgot to take pictures before continuing to spin yesterday. Bad me.

April 22, more mixed breed wool

So, I think that brings us up to date. Tomorrow, the Monkeys.


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More Yarn Every Day... Again

Alright, we're back to business!

Here is the latest of the Yarn Everyday series:

April 10th, More Bamboo:

April 11th, Finished the first bobbin of bamboo and plyed my perendale:

April 12th, Finished spinning and Plied the Pink Chocolate Batts from The Good Sheep. These were to die for, by the way. This yarn is currently up for sale at The Indie Dyers Coop.

April 13, Dyed some pretty Yarns and Fibers. Also My friend finished her first skein of wheelspun yarn. The yarns shown (mine, not my friend's) are also available for sale at the IDC.

April 14, Taught my mom to spin, while she was doing that, my secondary wheel had a piece break, so she learned on the ladybug. So I spindled.

Mom's First Yarn:

Ok, wow, we are a little pic heavy today. I'll continue with April 15th tomorrow, and perhaps the monkey socks the next day... they are almost done now, you know... just missing the toes, now.


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I have been sorely MIA...

If you recall, last I posted was just as we were coming on Easter, and I hope everyone had a good one. We also had a birthday party here on the 11th, and an out of state guest. Still, the absence is inexcusable.

To make up for it, instead of putting up a post of yarn, fiber, or fabulous UFO's, I'll start us back up with some fun photos that exhibit what we have been doing with ourselves here for the last couple weeks.

We have spent quite a few days at the local park, just a couple blocks away. Its great fun for the Beeba 1.
Beeba 1 having fun

But Beeba 2 prefers to stay in our own backyard, and have a swing with her big brother.
Both kids having a ball in the backyard

I'll post more tomorrow, with some up to date Yarn Everyday Pics, and who knows, maybe even a further in progress shot of the Monkey Socks.

Till then, Keep having fun!


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