Antsy and a couple Diapers for Beeba 2

What a title, huh? ok, first things first. Why am I antsy.

Well, I ordered a drop spindle from a seller on Esty, HausMaus. I'd like to say I am thrilled, it is great, spins like a dream, whatever. But I can't. I can't even say it is horrible. It has been a week since I ordered, and I not only don't have it yet (something that can happen, and I am not upset so much about) but I have also received no communication from the seller, and am seeing no indication that it was shipped or even that the order was looked at.

I ordered some roving to practice on the day after, and it is not here yet either. It at least shows as shipped in my Purchases. But, the seller chose not to use a trackable shipping method... or at least did not give me a way to track it. Again, that in itself is not so bad... maybe foolish, but not terrible.

So, I am antsy. I get very into what I am doing. When I decide to try something, I do it full on, head on... and I like to get started right away. I taped a CD to a pencil and have been twirling that around, and if my wool gets here before the spindle, I may try it that way.... but I'd rather have a real spindle, cause the pencil and CD keeps falling apart, even though it spins really well when it is together.

I just wish the stuff would get here, you know? I know it will (it better) but I am antsy.

But, on the other hand, I have been getting some diapers for Beeba 2 done... she needs some Mediums, she is growing so fast, lol. I made one that is Velour inner and outer, with pastel variagated Wooly Nylon, and a snap-in soaker... it is to die for! MMMM... so squishy and soft... I was gonna put it on my cart, but decided Beeba 2 MUST have it... I can make another for the cart.

I also made her an embroidered Denim fitted.... I do not usually do fitted diapers with embroidery, but I was testing my machine after it came back from the shop... Again, it would have gone to my cart, but... I didn't realize that the shop people must have set the machine for regular sewing (which I never use on that machine) and had set the presser foot pressure far far too high. The embroidery did not come out perfect, not even good enough for me to want to stock it as a second... but it is still very pretty and cute. So, it became a diaper for my Beeba 2.

Isn't she cute?


Beeba Bottoms @ Hyena Cart is OPEN!

Yay! I have been puting a lot of time and energy into making sure I had a good variety to stock for the big Grand Opening Sale, now all there is to do is wait! (and make more for the next stocking, of course) My plan is to stock on average every 2 weeks, but I'll stock more if stuff sells well, and less if it sits. (or maybe just one or 2 things every other week if it sits)

I added a Twitter Element on the side of the Blog. If I rememebr to update it, I will, every now and then... it seems almost like it would be a MINI blog, lol... so, a blog within a blog... oh well, I see them all the time... but I figure, I can update that with things that are not big enough for a whole post here, but that I think would be interesting to share... or when I am bored, lol.

Don't forget to check out the sale! I have 3 FFS Lottos up and an Auction for the cutest little embroidered Diaper Cover, Size Medium, with a teddy bear on it... perfect for boys or girls, and right now, it is only at $3.00! You have got to get in on this....


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