There was Heavy construction going on in my backyard today. My husband decided last weekend that this was the right time to re-roof our garage. Well, they have been working since yesterday. There were no less than 4 layers of rotting roofing on this thing. heh. What you are seeing in this first pic is what was salvageable of the original roof decking. Not much.

My husband would like you to think that he was the one up there doing all the work. Nope... he's the one standing down below, wishing that when I had the camera out, he was on the roof, lol. He isn't really much of a handyman... he tries, and gets the job done eventually, but if these guys weren't here, this would have waited several more years, till the roof caved in.

We tried to stay out of the way most of the day, but it was hot today, and with no air conditioning, outside with breeze, bubbles, and squirt guns was the place to be. Beeba 1 was having a ball, running around in a diaper and t-shirt, collecting and hoarding the squirt guns. After we had emptied them all over each other. Or rather, I emptied them on him and his daddy, lol... He still hasn't quite figured out how to squeeze the triggers.

I got to the fabric store last night. 2 full hours kid free! and the best part of all, I came home with my arms full. These are all knits you'll see soon in one or both of my shops. super cute! I can't even figure out which is my favorite.

So tomorrow, work continues on the garage, and I spend another weekend day hubbie free and kid-full... oh well. the sad part is that I really want to go to church, but I really can't handle both kids alone there... so far, we have had to take Beeba 1 out at least once every week. And my husband will be out working on the roof again first thing in the morning.


KeyChain Diapers now on Etsy!

Now even if you don't win a free keychain diaper, you can have one of your own! Made from a miniature version of my BBOriginal Diaper pattern, these are just too cute! Over the next couple days, several will be listed at Beeba Bottoms at Etsy ! If they sell, I may add more.

I have revised the pattern, though. There is no longer elastic in the legs, but now they are top-stitched! Hurry and get yours while its available!


Staying Cool

Its been real hot here lately, so we've had to think of ways to stay cool. One of those ways is with a new baby carrier. When Beeba 1 was little, I had a stretchy wrap I had made. I still have it, and we loved it, but it was a poly knit, and it got very warm to wear in the summer. This time around, knowing that in advance, I found some cotton gauze fabric. So here is my new summer wrap. Forgive my horrendous hair... this was after a day of chasing a 2 year old, hah.

Beeba 2 loves it, and we both stay much cooler. I would like to say, I would never trust this light fabric in any other kind of carrier, but in a wrap, where it is all one peice, no seams, and you are wrapping several layers of support, it works beautifully. very comfy and cool. and very simple to make. I ripped it down the center to get half the width of the fabric, and serged all around it with a rolled hem, and that was it.

Then, I was playing around. I see people talk about making keychain diapers all the time, and I was trying to figure out how they made them so small. I know some people give them out as extras in orders, others make them for their friends, still others sell them as Cloth Diaper Advocacy items. So, I decided to try my hand at it. This keychain diapers is a fitted, front snapping, with a sewn in soaker. hehe... just like a miniataure version of a real fitted diaper, it even has elastic legs. The only thing I couldn't figure out was how to elastisize the back. Oh well, maybe I'll figure it out, but for now, it is still super cute.

And Yup, you can see how small it is, it is sitting on my laptop next to the touchpad and next to the clicker for my car on the keychain. I may have to make a few for some cloth loving friends, lol.

You may notice, I seem to have a million different Ideas running through my head at all times. I seem that way because I am that way. I am constantly thinking of new things, or thinking I need to change something somewhere. That is why you read about my sewing space and 2 days later I changed it again, lol. Rest assured, my patterns don't change that way. It does however, mean that there is always something new in the works. I often don't get to sleep because I am too busy and my mind racing too fast to get to sleep. Right now, I am trying to work out a thought about cloth diaper cakes. And trying to decide if anyone would buy them. Of course, that means I need to think of what to use to decorate them too, since I don't like the thought of advocating binkies or bottles, which are 2 very common things to find in diaper cakes. So I was thinking that mine would be sort of the all-inclusive Diapering start-up package. we'll see. I'm pretty sure I could do it, but it would take some thinking. But if I do come up with something, you readers will be the first to know.


Now I can Play...

I finished an order I was working on, so now I get to play with new things. I embroidered my first Diaper Cut today... it looks really good, and I will be listing it on the Etsy store when the diaper is finished. It will be a Small AIO Pocket Diaper. PUL Outer with a Microfleece inner, and it will include a trifold insert. It is embroidered with a pretty heart, in pastel variegated thread... very pretty, and subtle. It is sealed, so the diaper will not wick at the embroidery. I'll post pics when I am done... for now... it is inside out waiting to be sewn.

I am also thinking about running a FFS (thats Free for Shipping, for anybody who doesn't know) drawing, right here on my Blog. I know there are people reading the blog... I watch the stats. If you are interested in the idea of a FFS drawing, please tell me. Tell me what kind of a FFS drawing you'd like too... fitted, pocket, etc. if I do it and get a lot of entries, I may do it again.

If I do a FFS drawing, the point would be to get traffic on my shops... so the entry requirements would be something like, "tell me your favorite item on my shops" or something like that and you would comment here on the blog, and each commentor would get entered into the drawing... (names into a hat and pulled by a 2 year old) then I would post the winner on the blog... so people who enter might want to keep watching...

I think this would work... but... please leave me a comment... tell me what you think... do you like the idea? can you think of any ways to improve it? I have never done a drawing like this... hmmm.... it bears more thinking about and planning...

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