Preveiws Up for the next Stocking...

... and I really hope that everyone likes them. I like them, and my 2 year old likes them, lol, but you know, I am never really sure.

So here they are:

Earthy Princess
2 - 4oz+ braids of Wool/Mohair Top
Earthy Princess


Salt Water Taffy
1 - 4oz+ braid of Wool/Mohair Top
Salt Water Taffy

I have been fighting with timing and the weather to get good pics, so today while it had stopped raining for a bit, I rushed out to the porch, the Beeba 2 strapped to my chest, camera and fibers in hand. I'm glad I did, too, since now the wind has picked up a bit, enough that I think they would have blown away on me.

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