More Yarn Everyday Challenge; and My Monkey Socks Progress.

I've been busy. Really. And not just with yarn. Beeba 1 has his birthday party tommorrow. He turned 3 on Monday. But I have managed to keep up with the yarn everyday challenge, and here are a few more days worth of it:

April 7th, More of the pink Chocolate BFL:

Pink Chocolate BFL Singles

April 8th, More Pink Chocolate and some Perendale (the perendale I carded up for the Blog here-- expect a video of this sometime in the near future, but probably not till after next week)

Pink Chocolate BFL Singles

Perendale Singles

April 9th, I started on some Bamboo.


I haven't spun for today yet, but thats ok... its only just past 10:30 am.

Then, as for the monkey socks, they have been feeling neglected. So the last couple days, I got to work on them. I have officially finished the legs of them, and am about halfway done making the heel flaps. The pattern was not writing for 2 at a time, so I had to play with the needles a bit, and of course, I have no stitch holders, so lucky me, I used some little safety pins to hold the stitches... I think I used 10 of them, lol. But they are now looking really cool.


With that, I bid farewell for probably the weekend. With the Party tommorrow, as well as the family Seder dinner at my FIL's house (yes, I know it is not the first day, they do it when it is convenient to get the most people to come) and My mom is driving in today, so we will be very busy the next few days.

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter, and Happy Passover!


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20 Things you may not know about me.

  1. I have always considered myself a Capricorn, but about half of the horoscope calendars call me a Sagittarius, since I am on the cusp.
  2. I have been crocheting since I can remember, sewing since I was 7, knitting for 3 years, and spinning since September.
  3. I am the oldest of 4 kids, and the sanest of the bunch of us.
  4. I have never used any illegal substance in my life.
  5. I cut class only once in high school, on the first day of freshman year, because I got lost.
  6. I went to catholic school for 8 years, and my 8th grade class had 14 students. 13 graduated.
  7. If you can name a craft, I have probably tried it, or will eventually. I have done: Painting, wood carving, plastic canvas, crosstitch, crochet, knitting, spinning, dyeing, sewing, basket making, and more.
  8. I am addicted to the internet.
  9. I own 2 spinning wheels, at least 10 pounds of fiber, a minimum of 50 yards of fabric, a serger, 3 sewing machines, and an embroidery machine, and only 3 pairs of jeans, which I wear every day.
  10. My children own more clothing (that fits) each, than I have owned cumulatively in the past 2 years.
  11. My daughter wears really cute cloth diapers when we are out, and her brother's old hand me down diapers when we are home. She now can wear the same diapers he can, but can also still fit in her small diapers. They are 3 and 1.
  12. My sewing and fiber addictions have taken over my dining room.
  13. This is the unlucky item.
  14. I am so sick of bad comedy.
  15. I love vampire romance.
  16. I hated pink till my daughter was born.
  17. Now, I love pink... Even on me.
  18. Today, I bought $25 PINK sock yarn. I have not finished my first pair of socks.
  19. I have enough sock yarn for 4 pairs. Not cheap, either. I have a problem.
  20. I am imagining casting on another pair of socks even though I'm not done my first. It’s a sickness.


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A really Good Reader Question

I have been battling the question... how to respond to my reader's questions and comments. Blogger does not allow for threaded comments, so it would be confusing to just post a new comment.

So, finally, a reader has asked a question that really requires a good answer.

I have decided that when this happens, I will make a new post to answer the question. So, here it is.

Lucero Asked:

How did you get into spinning yarn? I'd never really thought about doing it myself until I saw an article about spinning yarn out of newspaper to make rugs out of it. Not to mention reading Sleeping Beauty to my little girl every other day keeps spinning in my head :).

First off, Lucero, thank you for the question. I love getting comments and questions from readers, it makes me feel special.

As for spinning, I am a member of a diaper sewing forum, and they are the culprits that got me spinning. Yup. Diapers into spinning.

More specifically, on the diaper board, there is a yarn crafts sub-forum. on there, yet another subforum popped up one day. I didn't notice it for a while, but one day, went venturing into the "spinning Happy" sub-forum, where I was immediately bombarded with pictures of handspun yarns and spinning wheels, spindles, the like.

I ran away. I couldn't afford a new hobby. I already had too much taking up my time.

But I couldn't stay away. a couple days later, I had my very first spindles, which I talked about in This post .

You can see form that post that my first yarn wasn't very great. Nobody's is. It took days before I was so completely and totally hooked that I knew I would have a wheel. I talked about that Here.

Soon after, I was convinced (granted, it didn't take much) to join a group of friends in a venture that has become the Indie Dyers Coop.

Most recent in my spinning history is obtaining my new Ladybug Wheel, which I posted about here.

I hope this answered your question, Lucero. I enjoyed answering it. :)


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Yarn Everyday Challenge

On one of my message boards, I am participating in a "yarn everyday for 30 days" challenge. Every day, I am spinning, dyeing, or prepping fiber to spin, for a minimum of 20 minutes. Then posting pictures in the forum. Its a fun challenge, and has several hidden benefits, which can be reaped by both me and by my customers.

Benefit 1, more yarn and fiber available to be bought. That is always a good thing.

Benefit 2, My skill level increases with steady and regular practice. This is true of any fiber artists, at any level. The more you do, the better you do it.

Benefit 3, its super fun, and means I am taking more photos of my work.

With that in mind, some pics of the previous days' works?

April 1st- Merino Fiber, spun at about a 36 wpi

Handspun singles 36 wpi

April 2nd- Lots of dyeing happened... about 22 ounces. Plus spun more of the merino

crystal city fibers dye work

April 3rd- More merino

crystal city fibers merino

April 4th- Plying

crystal city fibers plied merino

April 5th- spun silk at 40wpi and plied to some 40 wpi alpaca -

alpaca silk lace yarn

I probably won't post a pic everyday here on the blog, but I'll update every few days anyway. Hope you enjoyed the pics!


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